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– On branches PT France, Japan and the big problems with data collection, which is why the first and made a branch of CT-PT Britain
– decided to Level 10 in the branches, because without 10 leveled – it is not a full-fledged branch. (“If you do not enter the 10 level, the branch, in general, to anyone, and it is not necessary. It will not cause interest” (c) Michael) It was a difficult and controversial decision, long discussed due to the presence of large “babahalki” – extension of branches ST Sherman Firefly will not, because they simply do not have the information. Nothing new from it will not go
– Work to replace FV4202 – & gt; Centurion Action X and FV215b – & gt; Chieftain delayed because spent a lot of time on the consent of the museums (for the digitization of the machine). The plans – in the first half of 2015
– In 2015, there will be several large branches with complete Level 10, several substitutions and permutations (eg, ART-ACS and Tank Destroyers US Level 2-4 – will replace the tanks due that ACS are in branch PT and PT in the branch ACS)
– Some time ago, conducted an analysis of the most popular mods of the game. Minimap with inscriptions took place on 3 for use in the game. The card gives an advantage to the player, and that was the final cause of entering the game.
– After a terrible performance version 9.0 WG revised its standards for performance on all computers (including the “Calculator”), so long as the review on the following minimap are not implemented. Because of the performance (scaleform’a impact on performance) is not implemented layering to correctly display icons and labels, etc.
– Probably will be officially introduced circles on the minimap, but their inclusion through the settings will be accompanied by a huge sign, in which will be said about the drop in performance. Final
decision yet
– Michael confirmed that the color chosen fail (due to feedbacks on the forum with OT and release), so in the next update will be fixes. There will also be fixes in functionality. Color support for the visually impaired is on the list of problems
– Nearest transport mods to the game: filters carousel tanks (“Yes, podzatyanul” (c) Michael), as well as improvements in mass arising from the crew. For the rest there is no clear certainty, whether it is the usual player due to loading of the interface.
– IBZ will be perpetual. Will seasons (“Campaign”), ie, every season – a new package of combat missions, while the old remain. You can change the IBZ “on the fly” (the changes will be based on server statistics). Compared with the latest from IBZ been corrected to remove the problem, destroying the gameplay (BR №10 and above)
– Each patch are working on a fix friezes and subsidence FPS
– We are currently working on the remake of the rendering, multi-threading, and also DirectX 11
– In one of the next versions will be updated engine BigWorld. Change just the players will not matter much, but on the client expect some performance optimization
– Lost City – commissioning possible random (now in the discussion, carefully read the feedbacks on the forum), was not originally introduced due to the fact that the card is not included in the setting of World War II (card – the team “halophyte” card was created under the influence of an abandoned military camps, especially Kazakhstan (Caspian region))
– Work on weather maps have decided to suspend. At this stage adaptation Runberga – until the latter in the near future
– Now in another historical map (the coast of France, summer 1944)
– Severogorsk was finally removed from the game, as the changes do not fully meet the expectations and additional medium / small changes do not fix it, only complete redesign, which is essentially equal to the creation of a new map
– In the WG is currently under operation “hair iron” – remove bad cards, fix them and others (all sorts of bumps, bushes, etc. – Correction entry errors improved rendering in patch 8.0) may be administered ago. List already exists. Will output an average of 1 card in the patch
– Work on the HD-models continues. Will be introduced to a few dozen models in the HD-patch, but that they were not enough to patch weighed many gigabytes (“GB 40-50 only one HD-meshes without sounds and cards – this is too much” (c) Michael) – are working on the idea of ​​changing the hangar inside the game, but it increases the volume of the customer and the amount of work to maintain the hangars up to date, especially in global change graphics and game settings
– “Winter Mode” will be enabled after the holidays
– “Confrontation “in the discussion. Everything depends on the load balancer, which work (need a relatively long time). Now there is a writing namёtok Balancer 3.0 (including new concept). The task is very complex and long, sharpened by all modes requires a lot of work.
– Now the whole focus of WG moved to new game modes, now there is a lot of work on PvE
– The work on the physics of motion. The biggest problem – not to destroy the gameplay. Likely to look for casual gamers “as now” (but completely new implementation), only correcting stocks physics, retracting spikes, but with the new chips (for example, “police turn” et al.)
– New review work, instead of a square with sides of 1,000 meters is a circle with a radius of 565 meters. The square of the review – it is a crutch Bigvorlda that will fix
– Correction of the situation “in the disappearance of the open field” work. At the moment, the following mechanics: Tank rides on the field – he has one factor camouflage tank stops – he has another factor, which is why it disappears in the open field. It is planned in the future this situation (after correction) if the tank is observed enemy in the open field on the line of sight (LoS) if stopped or shoots, the coefficients of the masking will not work
– In this paper improve the situation “shooting bush.” It is planned as follows: When firing will generate additional point to glare at the end of the barrel. If out of the bush / the bend will stick gun, the tank will be lighted. No new mechanics to help pryacheniya guns will not – the player will have to rely on the current mechanics and their care
– Programmers working on optimization algorithms appear to be as is the “hard” part of the server. It does not touch the visibility settings (currently the system: at the nearest territory of tank visibility is updated frequently on medium-range a little less, and on the far – rare). The introduction of the same refresh rate appear at any distance that will get rid of the situations when the tank lights up, for example, after passing the junction
– we are working on increasing the role of armor in the game. While there is no consensus (all in the process of discussion), but this is near KTTS. The problem is basically only at high levels. Yet come to a decision that will be clipped broneprobitie implements high-level tanks where it is too high.
– will again change the distribution of precision in the terms of the spread (this is not a return to the old precision, and “calibration” precision instruments, ie, separate the exact tools from inaccurate to avoid situations “to get a turntable”). Will be slightly reduced accuracy in the terms of the spread, not to papodat in “desyatochku” that will reduce the hit on “sick” points tanks
– Perk “fighting friend” transferred to regular crews will not (it is implemented specifically for the promotion) – rebalance perks in the process (documentation processing already have left to send the work). Lamp will be basic skills radio operator (in the absence of a radio operator in the crew – the member of the crew, which was enshrined skill “radio operator”) when the skill to 100%
– In one of the next update will have the opportunity to retrain specialty crew members (among nations never will not)
– In one of the next updates will be introduced bonus for tanking
– At the T-62a at his level has the highest rate among ST tanking Statistics
– ISU-130 will only moderators – The idea of ​​a special training cards (polygon) with marks for shooting and others have not yet worked through. Soon there will be a complete change of interface training room
– Havok ready, but ran into the problem of performance (soot FPS) for mass use of technology. Work on this goes, you do not lose in quality, and introduce Havok only on some cards – this is wrong, so you need to enter it completely and fully

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