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Introducing “Military Honor”
2017-05-23 17:00:00 / News

While battling in Blitz, you’re bound to run across players who frustrate you and players who impress you. Our new Military Honor review system lets you leave feedback about players based on their in-game behavior.

Why did we implement a system like this? Players have long requested a channel for filing complaints about other players, but we felt a system that highlighted positive feedback as much as negative feedback was the best way to go. We’ve ensured that a single feedback review won’t negatively impact you – the system looks at all recent feedback so that only players with an ongoing habit of poor sportsmanship will be impacted.

Five Stars

Every player will begin with an average ranking of three stars. Feedback from other players will change your score accordingly, from zero to five stars.

Players who have accrued more positive feedback, and thus have more stars, can rate other players more frequently, have their feedback carry more weight, and be less impacted by other players’ feedback of them. The opposite is true for players with fewer stars.

Military Honor relies on recent feedback from the past few days rather than overall feedback, so your rating will eventually move back towards three stars if no feedback is received.

Click the “Like” Button

On the results screen after battle you’ll see a “thumbs up” icon next to each player’s name. Tap that icon and you’ll be able to leave your feedback – positive or negative – via a pop-up window. After you’ve left feedback, click outside the window to confirm.

The amount of feedback you can leave per day is determined by your own ranking:

         Five stars: four positive feedback reviews, four negative feedback reviews          Four stars: three positive feedback reviews, three negative feedback reviews          Three stars: three positive feedback reviews, two negative feedback reviews          Two stars: two positive feedback reviews, one negative feedback review          One or zero stars: no feedback permitted

These limits reset daily, along with the first mission and first x2 XP bonus. Unused feedback does not accumulate. Players can view feedback received in their profile.

Positive Feedback

These feedback options positively affect a player’s Military Honor ranking. We’re adjusting the impact of this feedback from friends, platoonmates, and fellow Clan members so that a player’s ranking can’t be “inflated.”

“Polite Player”: players who help out others, give suggestions to their teammates, or simply left a good impression on you. “Team Player”: players who help out their teammates in the heat of battle, be it providing support, coordinating with others, or sacrificed their own tank to provide cover. “Effective Player”: players who went above-and-beyond in battle, perhaps by destroying a disproportional amount of enemy vehicles. “Worthy Opponent”: players from the opposite team that impressed you by their performance or teamwork. Negative Feedback “Unsporting Conduct”: players who hinder their teammates, purposely obstruct line-of-sight at crucial moments or otherwise interfere with their teammates’ ability to play and enjoy the game. “Inactivity in Battle”: players who are “AFK” (logged in but not participating). “Provocative Communication”: players who harass or insult others via chat.

Additionally, two automatic types of negative feedback can be activated based on player behavior:

“Missed Tournament Battle”: players who signed up to participate but don’t show up for their team’s matches. Bans for violating game rules will also affect a player’s Military Honor.

 Players who repeatedly receive the same negative feedback will first receive a warning to correct their behavior, but if negative feedback continues they may be punished:

Three day chat ban for verbal harassment One hour battle ban for unsporting conduct

With each successive violation, penalties will escalate and may eventually result in a complete account ban. Additionally, bots and inactive players will also be banned on a weekly basis.

System Launch and Future Improvements

It’s impossible to predict how a feature will work “in the wild” with 100% certainty. To that end, we’ll be closely studying feedback on the Military Honor system as well as player behavior. We may make adjustments to the system going forward, as needed. 

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