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Introducing the Independence
2015-06-25 10:00:00 / Premium Shop
Patriot Power!

The T34 “Independence” is a T34 heavy tank permanently decorated to celebrate the United States’ Independence Day with stars, eagles and the number four on the upper glacis!

The Independence bundle comes with a Garage slot and seven days of Premium time so you can hit the battlefield and start racking up the Credits and XP!

Start Time: Thursday, June 25, 03:00 PT / 06:00 ET
End Time: Friday, July 17, 02:00 PT / 05:00 ET Independence Bundle

 T34 Independence | $29.99

American T34 “Independence” (tier VIII)

+ Garage Slot

Seven (7) Days of Premium





History and Development

Descended from the T29 heavy tank program which also developed the T30, The T34 was a development from the T30 chassis, and had heavy armor with a powerful 120 mm gun paired with an early computer used to calculate naval gunfire. Designed to bust bunkers and duel tanks alike, two models were built: one converted from a T29 and the other from a T30.

While the end of World War II meant that these tanks would never see service, they remained important in developing systems and technology later used on the M103 heavy tank.

How Do I Play the T34 Independence?

If you’re a T29 ace and enjoy peeking over hills, this is the Premium tank for you!

With a thick turret mantlet that will stop most shots at your tier and above, Independence is a T34 and plays similarly to the non-Premium T29. Like the T34, the excellent turret armor and powerful gun are balanced by the fact that the Independence is a bit slower than the T29 and will see larger tanks.

Additionally, “Indy’s” hull armor is not as strong as the turret, and the gun, while powerful, will need some time to settle for each shot. You will need to choose your shots carefully and plan your moments of exposure to maximize your damage in this tank. Through clever use of terrain and the tank’s excellent gun depression, you can control chokepoints and lock down hills, but you don’t want to go anywhere alone if you can help it because the reload takes longer than it would for smaller guns. This is a tank that shines in a platoon!

The ideal place for your tank is peeking over a hill with just the turret, popping off a massively damaging shot at midrange before moving laterally along the hill to fire from a different spot. Keep the gun working, protect your hull with your turret, and mount equipment that will reduce “Indy’s” reload and make the gun more accurate.

Suggested Equipment Improved Ventilation; Vertical Stabilizer; Large Caliber Gun Rammer The Raw Details

If you liked the T29 and T30, and want to add some color to your garage as you use it to grind Credits and XP, this powerful patriot can dominate rough terrain and key sections of a battlefield while playing support at higher tiers.

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