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Introducing the SU-122-44!
2015-10-01 10:29:00 / Premium Shop


Between the trinity of armor, firepower and speed, the SU-122-44 is perfectly balanced for the battlefield. Developed from a T-44 chassis and mounting the same deadly 122mm cannon used on the IS and IS-6 heavy tanks, this remarkable TD also has well-sloped frontal armor.

A powerful tier VII Soviet tank destroyer fun for newbies and veterans alike, its fast speed, good firepower, and good frontal armor make it well-suited to midrange support, and (strangely for a tank destroyer,) close-range brawling.

Both bundles include Gold and Premium time—use the Gold to stock up on Premium ammo or to train your Crew, and the Premium time to earn 50% extra Credits and XP!

Available: Friday, October 2, 03:00 PT / 06:00 ET
Ends: Friday, October 16, 02:00 PT / 05:00 ET SU-122-44 Bundle – $19.99

Soviet Tier VII TD SU-122-44
Garage Slot
• 300
3 Days of Premium






SU-122-44 Premium Bundle – $24.99

Soviet Tier VII TD SU-122-44
Garage Slot
• 800
30 Days of Premium







How Do I Play the SU-122-44?

With a powerful gun, fast speed for a TD, and good frontal armor, the SU-122-44 is capable of fulfilling most roles on the battlefield. It is best used at midrange, because while the 122mm cannon is powerful, it is not as precise as cannons of a smaller diameter. Use your speed to set up on the flank of a fight and consume large amounts of hit points from the enemy forces! It is vital to be mindful of your position on the map and the angle of your armor — you don’t want to take too many hits!

The ideal tactic for this TD is to fort up somewhere concealed, using allied tanks to spot for you, and when necessary, use the down-slope of a hill to angle your gun. If the action reaches you, you can then transition into up-close brawling tactics.

Suggested Equipment

The best equipment loadout for this tank will boost your rate of fire and accuracy even more:

Enhanced Gun Laying Drive; Improved Ventilation Class 2; Medium-Caliber Gun Rammer

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