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In honor of the 70th anniversary of the Victory offer you glue the paper model of the JS-2 from the 7 th Guards Tank Brigade. This is one of the most famous Soviet tanks in the defeated Berlin. Coloring “Berlin” cars (white stripes on the towers) is well known for numerous photos. Tank JS-2 in 1944 with the modification “spryamlёnnym nose” became the personification of the power of the Red Army and was used extensively in the final stages of the war.

It is this kind of car is represented in the number of unique premium appliances “Berlin troika” .

Paper Model IS-2, 1944, in a sample version of “Model of the tank” completely corresponds to the “Berlin” analogue. The brochure “Bronekorobochka” than the original coloring, added camouflaged version of the tank.

model of the series “Bronekorobochka” going easily and quickly – in just a couple of evenings. Model in the series “The layout of the tank” faithfully reproduces the appearance of a real machine, and is designed for skilful modeller. This booklet contains the same parts for the assembly is very colorful dioramas “Berlin. 1945 “, reproducing the atmosphere of the festive” victorious “Angara.

In order to recreate the appearance of the armored vehicle used and the texture of camouflage World of Tanks, archival drawings and photographs. Details of the two booklets can be combined by selecting a suitable complexity you.

Simultaneously, the paper model JS-2 suggest you glue the model of “comrade” IS-2 – T-34-85. This development modeler Sergey Gorbenko based on the booklet “The layout of the tank» № 013/1 (added a new tower). The model is given in two versions coloring: tank number 10 of the 36th Guards Tank Brigade and T-34-85 «Rudy» of «Berlin troika”.

In the “Simulation” you have to expect contest assembly models EC-2 from the series “Bronekorobochka.” Please note that the prizes, participants, in addition to the premium equipment and days of premium account, will receive special diplomas.

And the interesting and informative article about the creation of this model will help beginners to assemble the legendary IS-2.

Do not forget to share photos assembled models! Also, if you want to build a model of any other tank or get advice from experienced modelers, send photos of models and leave their wishes on the official forum of the game in the section “Models”.

The models of the series “The layout of the tank” and “Bronekorobochka” developed by experts World of Papertanks.

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