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Hello Warriors,

remember the IS-3 Autoloader?

Autoloaded IS-3 Short History

Well, it will be given on the NA server as part of a unexpected Christmas Ornament contest.

Its a weird way to give such a vehicle but hey if you are crafty and can take a chance at winning who am I to judge? Last time I lost internet connection for a couple days got so bored that started painting lampshades…

Han Solo, Judge Dredd and Terminator, painted it with a simple pen.
One more day without connection and would have started done a whole U.S.S Enterprise on my walls.

This are the conditions and rules:

Begins: 12:00pm PST 11/25/15
Ends: 12:00pm PST 12/18/15


The top 5 Entries will get the IS-3A + Garage Slot and 7 Days of Premium time! Everyone else who we receive a custom ornament from gets 500 Gold + 3 Days of Premium Time!

-Ornaments should be 1-7 inches in height (not including hanger) and ready to hang.
-Ornaments should approximately weigh a half pound or less in weight.
-Ornament must be able to hang on the tree without extra support.
-You can glue any objects to make your ornament decorative – be creative! Some examples are: glitter, ribbon, stars, cotton balls, etc.
-No glass, sharp and/or other breakable materials.
-The use of recycled and natural materials is encouraged.
-Ornaments must be in compliant with the Submission Requirements
-Only one entry per Account.
-Friends and family can assist in the creation of the ornament!
-Enclose a description of your ornament with your gamertag/username.
-Ornaments will be viewed close up so details are important.

Shipping address:
P.O. Box 8250
Emeryville, CA

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