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IS-3 Defender: Worth The Grind (Or the Gold?)
2016-03-04 19:00:00 / News

There’s no escaping the fact that the IS-3 Defender requires a lot of XP to earn it. Sure, you could also buy it outright with Gold (or do both), but you’re probably asking yourself if it’s worth it. With only a few days left to unlock this tier VIII auto-loading Soviet heavy tank, that’s a valid question.

Well, don’t take our word for it. Here’s what your fellow Blitz players are saying.

“All around, a good tank… The highest [tier] auto-loader in the game.”

– Bobthebob5

“With Vertical Stabilizers and Gun Laying Drive, this thing is freakishly accurate.”

– Alexbuildit

“The best part about this tank, I think, aside from the fantastic color scheme, obviously, is that the turret armor has been improved to the point where it can actually be quite effective hull-down.”

– Bushka on Blitz

“Everything I love about the IS-3 (armor and mobility), mixed with a 1200 alpha auto-loader, extra gun depression and the ability to grind Credits like a T-34 or IS-6 is astounding. The camo is super ugly, but hey, it’s OP!”

– panzermk6

“Earns Credits well. Two 2.4k and 2.7k [damage] games earned 74k+ [Credits] net, one 500ish [damage] loss was 15k [Credits] net, a 1,300 [damage] game earned 35k [Credits] but lots of repairs.”

– Zip_Zip

“I earned 128k [Credits] in one game with mine. Loving it.”

– alexbuildit

“I love my Defender. It is my favorite tank now. You have to learn to play it but it dishes out some serious damage.”

– HobieDave

“The IS-3 Defender makes good Credits even when you lose, it can make a few million Credits in about an hour or two if you put a good 3-4 rounds into the enemy…”

– Player_9264686917

The IS-3 Defender is available to earn with Tokens or unlock with Gold now through March 7!

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