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Update 9.7 adds to the game more than a dozen new models of equipment, including a new branch of French tanks. Consider them from different angles in the section “In development”. Today we priotkroem first veil of secrecy over 9.8 update, which you will find a new model of the Soviet heavy tank IS-3, performed at the highest level of quality.

As is it done?

Model IS-3 created by new technology called photogrammetry .

Work began with a search for a suitable tank, which could be “model” for the game model. Fortunately, it was not necessary to look far. Near Minsk, in the historical and cultural complex “Stalin Line”, there was just two IS-3 suitable for our unusual mission. The essence of the first step is to remove the tanks in series to the camera from all sides. This is a rather tedious process, because it is necessary not just to make more than a thousand pictures, but also take into account the angle, spacing, lighting, weather and many other aspects.

itself survey carried out in two stages: first, a general circular shooting, and then Favorites Details: welds, castings, surface features – all this will eventually recreate an exact copy of the tank in the game.

with a broken IS-3 was taken Tower, housing the forehead, muzzle brake and suspension elements, with the fact that on a pedestal – everything else. Particular attention is paid to the details: the welds, casting defects, slices of armor plates, welding splashes and so on. D. All of this was carefully transferred to the game model.

Fun fact: after the combined data from the two original samples it was found that, not only that no one nor the other do not coincide with one of the drawings, so more and themselves among themselves they have noticeable differences in size, tilt angles of armor plates and shapes cast parts. Apparently, the tanks were going at different times on different plants with different quality control.

The second step involves the processing of images obtained by a special program. Special markers that are pasted on the tanks before shooting (see. Photo), helping the program to recognize the various fragments and angle. Images downloaded from the program forms a cloud of points, and then builds on these points home. Thus we obtain the so-called supervysokopoligonalnuyu model , which may consist of 150 million polygons and more. Perhaps no personal computer could not play the game with such complex and “heavy” models. Therefore, from supervysokopoligonalnoy model, we create a game model, which has about 50 thousand polygons, which ensures optimum combination of quality and performance.

But it’s not the number of polygons – not always their number reflects the quality of the model. A lot depends on normal map – special texture through which reproduces the surface microstructure (welds, casting and so on invoice. D.). Quality normal maps on the IS-3 derived from supervysokopoligonalnoy model is much higher than the quality obtained as a result of manual labor, even the most talented artist. Her pattern repeats real tank, bringing the visual quality and physical fit of the model to a new level. Every square centimeter of the surface produces a unique, which is very difficult to achieve with manual work.

In general, we try to bring our model some special unique features, “fishechki”, giving the tank individuality, adding more life to the game model. This practice we introduced during work on the T-34-85M in anticipation of the 9.5 update. Then in the dent on the spare tank we inserted a chip to the tank is not hanging because of a damaged attachment. In the future, every new model gets its own unique detail. For example, on the T95 it were scattered near the mailbox liner not penetrate the armor shell stuck in the details dried twigs of bushes. IS-3 was no exception, so observant players will be able to notice a broken-veined cable and shrapnel pierced the dust shield.

Model JS-3 to be not only very beautiful but also amazingly realistic. It fully corresponds to the real dimensions of the tank both, and in detail. The experience gained while working on the IS-3, we plan to use in the future. The next candidate – the T-44.

break in a new model of IS-3 in the game you can upgrade after the release 9.8.

following the publication and section “in the development of” !

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