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The update 9.7 family of ICs waiting completion – a new special Premium VIII tank level branch in the Soviet heavy tanks – EC-5.

This clan tank, therefore it will not be available on the open market. Ability to obtain EC-5, to the nearest gaming events on the Global Map, the details of which we will report separately.

Here we will tell you about the performance characteristics of the tank, as well as about how to effectively use the new machine in the fields of tank battles. You can watch the video to see vododela Amway921 , which has already received EC-5 for testing and tested it in battle.


Game features

The tank is equipped with a basic sabots instead of armor that increases the penetration of a standard 175 to 221 mm. EC-5 can feel comfortable in the fight against almost any opponent of the level, as well as against the machines a higher level.

large enough for heavy tank allows the speed to always be at the center of events and quickly change positions. Thrust-to-weight ratio of the machine is 14.07 l. p. ton – one of the best indicators among heavy tanks VIII level; EC-5 gives this a lighter French TT.

JS-5 is also impressive and allows withstand the intense pace of the fight. The geometry of the hull and turret takes a lot of contenders unpleasant moments: t ak-called “pike nose” – a special arrangement of armor plates VFD – gives an increased chance of ricochet a.

JS-5 has better performance review among Soviet tanks VIII level branch – 360 meters. Given that the review – not the strength of the Soviet heavy tanks, EC-5 will be able to stand out from their “colleagues”.

122 -mm gun D-25TA has the least time information among guns heavy tanks Soviet VIII level branches. In combination with good performance penetration This gun will be a serious argument in any combat situation.

JS-5 – the premium tank with all the attendant advantages
yield [1,999,006] that combined with the high price breaks the basic shell making it one of the leaders in production loans.

tactical role on the battlefield

Because of its quality IC-5 is a good fighter, able to operate successfully both in attack and in defense, including being in the minority. Speed ​​will allow the tank to quickly join the fight and at the same time leaving no chance for a successful way out of it, if so requested by the tactical situation.

JS-5 is ideal players professing aggressive style of play, including “tanking” and individual breakthroughs in depth defense.

However, given that the instrument of EC-5 still not champion sniping, the tank will have to lead the fight on short and medium distance: there he shows his best side, and provide strong armor the necessary vitality.

Historical Background

In the late 1940s, the Soviet Army consisted of just three types of heavy tanks: EC 2, IS-3 and IS-4. However, none of them could be considered as a primary term for the heavy machinery. Tested IS-7, in spite of high performance, proved to be too heavy. Therefore, at the end of 1948 HBTU issued specification for the new heavy tank with the chassis and is protected by the type of IS-4, but with the shape of the body of type IS-3.

In April 1949, a first draft of research 5, according to which the new tank had to be a car weighing 50 tons semikatkovoy chassis, the housing having a “pike nose”. After the factory tests revealed that the whole machine meets the requirements put forward to it. The first batch of 10 tanks factory tested in 1949, and then in April – May 1950, at the site in the Moscow suburb Kubinka NIBT held state tests. According to their results the State Commission recommended to start mass production of “Object 730”. After all the modifications and improvements to the end of 1953, the tank was accepted for service.

Want EC-5 currently in the hangar? Start preparing for the game events on the Global Map now: Pick a clan to the draft board!

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