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Японский танк Ха-го
Yuri Pasholok in his LiveJournal published an article about a Japanese tank “Ha-go”, which has long stood in the Kuril Islands Shumshu, and five years ago was moved to Sakhalin.

Travelers who fell in the Kuril island Shumshu among the “cultural program” necessarily taken out on the tank “Ha-go”.
Until July 2010, this car was at some distance from the height of 171, near one of the antennas of the fan beacon (BPM). Now she is in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, where, after the restoration, stood on the exposure.

According to reports, the tank commanded Captain Ito – Commander of the 4 companies 11 Tank Regiment. It is worth noting that at the beginning of the Kuril landing operation Connection Regiment scattered around the island. In particular, four armored regiment based in the north of the airfield Miyosino (Kuzminovskaya). Due to the fact that the place of deployment proved the closest to the height of 171, a company composed entirely of tanks “Ha-Go”, arrived there first. According to naval ZHBD, at 9:27 am the commander of mortar company reported break through to the height of 171 6-7 tanks. The brunt of the tanks of the 4th company took over Kamchatka Marines. Upon request, mortar flotilla flagship landing TFR “Dzerzhinsky” opened fire on the top. During the ensuing battle tanks 7 appeared knocked out, the remaining machines moved. In the tank Captain Ito was shot in gun over in combat, he was not involved. Car out of action, so it in its place and remained standing. During the state of its partially dismantled, however, for the tank, combat damage, the condition was quite good.

Tank Ito was one of the few who mostly kept hull plates. Most of the “Ha-Go” upper front lost.

Members of the body and chassis. Cracks – it is not combat damage, and fatigue processes, quite typical of armor.

The roof of the engine compartment is partially preserved.

A pair of top views.

Tower. Tower hatch not, but overall not so bad. Note the shiny welds, this phenomenon is quite frequent. Austenite …

Overall, not bad!

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