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Japanese tiger – Heavy Tank No. VI

With the release of update 9.9 on the battlefields of the game World of Tanks will be the first Japanese heavy tank – Heavy Tank No. VI. Under the long and unusual name hides a younger brother of the German heavy tank Tiger I. In this paper we describe the main characteristics and features of the combat use of the new heavy tank.

Characteristic features

Firepower. weapon with an excellent rate of damage in 1885 units / min. Accurate, with rapid mixing, it is an excellent example of German military thought.

Excellent review. Best survey among classmates at his level – 370 meters. Thanks to him, “Tiger” with Japanese nationals being able without much trouble to control the direction of the defending or the “highlight” of enemies in the attack. Headache from the fire unseen enemy – uncharacteristic diagnosis Japanese “strand”.

Express pumping crew. Due to the peculiarities of premium equipment from Heavy Tank No. VI. not only increased wages gaming credits, but the crew and express pumping. This is especially true on the eve of entering the game full of Japanese branches of heavy tanks.

A large number of points of strength. This is one of the most “thick” heavy tanks of the 6th level. Thanks to its reserve strength points “number six” will be a deadly rival in the top. The real “tank” capable of push direction and save enough points of strength for further action.

Mobility. for Japanese heavy tank Predator has impressive mobility. If the stated maximum speed of 40 km / h Heavy Tank No. VI standard keeps cruising 30-35 km / h. It is quite enough to occupy strategic positions and move on the map, if required by the situation in the battle.

Big ammunition and inexpensive basic ammunition. The heavy tank ammunition is a place for 92 rounds. If you multiply the number on the rate, the result will be more than 13 minutes of continuous shooting. Size of ammunition allows to fire the most popular items, without fear that the missiles will end in the midst of battle. The cost of the shells is purely symbolic – 240 gaming credits for piercing, so active management of fire will not affect the main task of the premium Japanese – “Farm.”

[1,999,016] [1,999,024] Reservation tank. [1,999,008 ] Armor of Krupp steel Japanese newcomer inherited from his older brother – level VII heavy tank Tiger I. In this case, unlike his German relatives, a heavyweight from the Land of the Rising Sun resides at the VI level. So book can be considered satisfactory. From the top of the list, at number six Japanese is quite capable of playing on the reservation – put a diamond body, and good luck will smile to you all 30 tiger teeth. In a duel with cars VII and VIII levels should play a much more accurate as 100 millimeters of steel, albeit production concern “Krupp” little help when meeting the enemy face to face.

tactical role in battle

A use of the Imperial Tiger on the battlefield depends on the position of the tank on the roster.

top of the list. From the top, a Japanese capable of many things: the artillery duel at long range, breaking the enemy’s defense and deterrence superior enemy forces. All this under the force of heavily armed samurai. Heavy Tank No. VI – dominant among machines VI level. Getting into the top of the list of teams, you have to understand that the outcome of the battle depends only on you. No matter who is in the opposing team, we have one goal – victory and earning credit.

fighting involving tanks VII level. Battles in battles with tanks VII level It is much more interesting and varied than in the top. Agree, much better test their strength in battle with dangerous opponents than to offend kids from a nearby sandbox. German heritage, which boasts a Japanese heavyweight, provides all the necessary conditions for victory: thanks to the excellent review and the famous “ACT-ACT” new Japanese will be a formidable opponent for even the technology to the next level. Virtually all cars VII level vulnerable to fire him in the frontal projection. To win you will need a little more care and control of the mini-map: frontal attacks have excluded from the set of tactical decisions, as 100 millimeters of armor in the front projection and no angle makes the tank, though heavy, vulnerable to enemy fire.

fighting involving tanks VIII levels. Virtually all the equipment VIII levels is extremely dangerous for a beginner Japanese branch. Therefore, it is worth remembering the first commandment Code of Bushido “ True courage is to live when legally live and die when justified to die.” It is not necessary to tear the enemy in the forefront, together with other heavy tanks. The best use of Heavy Tank No. VI. will support groups allied medium tanks and the use of products that are suitable for firing on the vulnerabilities of enemy equipment. Stay behind the Allies closely follow the development of the battle on the mini-map, and victory will be yours.


new Japanese original gameplay does not differ, requiring something supernatural from the player. This is the usual heavy tank-workaholic. In battle, he just does his thing – deals damage, “tank”, and, most importantly, earn credits.

The main difference Heavy Tank No. VI can be called its level: with almost identical with Tiger I of tactical and technical characteristics is a beginner at the VI level and it feels just fine. Among other things, the new machine is capable of fighting well-trained crew to prepare for the new line of heavy tanks, Japan, the output of which is announced in the list of changes in version 9.10. [1,999,018]

Meet! Tiger goes into the arena of the Emperor – Heavy Tank No. VI!

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