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Hello everyone,

the day before yesterday, Jingles made a review of the Panther 88. I think it’s a solid review, pointing out the flaws and good points of Panther 88, so check it out. It’s actually quite long though.


There is one part though (well, as far as I noticed) where Jingles is not correct. In the first battle, he states that this vehicle has very good camo factor. Well, actually, it doesn’t.

A proof for this statement can be found on Russian forums. You see, there’s a group of players, who dedicate their time researching the camo factors of ALL the vehicles in the game (well, at least those they can get their hands on). Their testing method is sound and it’s been going on for over a year. In case you are interested in various vehicles’ camo and the methodology used, I explained how it works in one older post.

According to this reseach, the Panther 88 actually has worse camouflage than Panther and Panther II – in fact, it has the worst camo factor than every other German medium tank including E-50. The original data can be found here.

My guess is that Jingles just got lucky with spotting. Basically, Jingles’ conclusion at the end is that while this tank makes a lot of money, it also has weak armor and the gun is not so good in tier 10 battles (the FCM 50t is better in many aspects AND it has limited MM). Whether it’s a good purchase or not, that I leave up to you, but I have one more argument for you:

According to Vbaddict, out of all 14 tier 8 premiums, Panther 88 is on 13th place with 48,55 percent winrate (the best out of “regular” premiums are IS-6 and FCM 50t). In net income, according to the same source, Panther 88 is 9th out of 13 (13 because the T95 premium data are missing), while FCM 50t is 4th. Panther 88 is earning only 60 percent credits of the Jagdtiger 88, which is actually cheaper in the premium shop currently.

As such, I still cannot recommend buying it. The fact we had no option of testing it during 9.5 test along with its steep price and problematic results… there are better way how to spend 40 Euro.

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