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Hello Warriors,

finally I’m able to post the July Contributors, with the new patch information coming there was no space for it.
Anyways, RSR has reached 5 months of existence!

July was an interesting month…
On its first day I became 24 and a step closer on becoming a milf (all about those life plans!).

Visited SilentStalker in Czech Republic and we made the best of our time. Got to visit The Military Technical Museum Lešany, walked around Prague, ate some Trdelník and had a degustation of Czech beer (Kozel is my favorite).
I had a different expectation from Czech Republic, mostly because most Czechs Ive meet don’t usually talk very positively of their country but damn! Its a beautiful place! The capital is not messy, it may be old but its clean and well kept and the country side is gorgeous as well!
10/10 want to visit again (because I’ve already ran out of Slivovice)!  :P

Later on, spent some more time around The Tank Museum, got authorized by one of the Curators to take measurements of some vehicles and got shown around their Workshop and Hangars. I was so thrilled to be there again, specially to see the tanks they run in the arena (wasn’t able to see them during Tankfest as it took me 40min to cross 20meters while greeting and taking photos with you and spent the time making sure Jingles would also get hydrated and fed as he got it much worse than me, still… was wonderful meeting each one of you!). Also did a break for some refreshments at their restaurant and by refreshments I mean that was thirsty for some Landship beer! Its The Tank Museum very own beer and is damn delicious, if you visit them make sure to try some! Got to have a relaxed talk with one of their lads about propositions and ideas, so excited for the future! :)

Our relationship has moved a step forward..! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Posted by Rita Gamer on Quinta-feira, 13 de Agosto de 2015

On my free time been watching Defiance, Red Dwarf, Extant and Band of Brothers series, in the book section I’ve finished “The Martian”(interesting read), still busy with “The Desert Spear”, and started reading “Just a Geek” from Wil Wheaton, gonna also try to find some time to read some E-books about WoT and such that got sent to my email to make a review for you.

Besides it all, I’ve been fully committed to work, you and tanks!

As most of you know I don’t run ads on the blog for your uncluttered viewing pleasure, the blog runs solely from Patrons support, if you feel like becoming one this is the place: https://www.patreon.com/statusreport?alert=1&ty=h

This are the Patrons of  July:
Gary Morrison
Robert Meachen
Thomas Millard
Luke “Caslas” Westwood
Matthew Shine
Roy Harmsworth
Shane Knysh
webium (A mod maker.)
Donovan A Willett
Michael Duke
Don L. Kress III
Jonas Pollaschek
Samuel Hallam
Michael Bermingham
Tony Rye
Diego Longo
Michael Andreen
Tony Strandberg
Major Tom Bombadil
PointyHairedJedi  (His Youtube channel)
Gustavo Rabelo
Mickey Dabbelyou
Vu Nhat Tu
Marc Bourgoin
Christoffer Dahlblom
misael contreras
Jenka Tamar
Peter Nordlund
Xinchen Yu
Tom Johnston
SadoMasticator WoT-NA
Ewan hewett

 If your nickname is not here is because or the payment method was declined or you became a Patron recently and are to be featured the next month. Nevertheless, thank you very much everyone, Patrons and readers! <3

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