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June 22, 1941 the garrison of the Brest Fortress took the first blows of Hitler’s forces and held for over a month defense completely surrounded. Thus began the Great Patriotic War.

Wargaming company cares about preserving the memory of the heroic past of the country and seeks to revive an interest in history. By the anniversary of one of the greatest feats of the Soviet people in times of war, we have created a video clip “on June 22. The first line “.


On the morning of June 22, 1941, at 4 hours 15 minutes at the Brest fortress attacked German artillery fire. Strengthening turned into a trap for about nine thousand people, some of whom were civilians.

Take the Brest Fortress was the 45th Infantry Division of the Wehrmacht. The suddenness of the attack led to the fact that a unit of resistance in the fortress are not formed, the defenders became isolated at several points of defense. No chance of that castle will be able to leave, it was not.

more or less organized resistance of the fortress continued until the end of June. Soviet soldiers had to withstand the day to 10 attacks. Huge problems were water: to extract it, the men had to crawl their way at night with pots to the river.

June 29 fell Eastern fort fortress. After that, there were only isolated within the group of Soviet soldiers and singles. One of the recent writing on the wall of the fortress dates back to July 20. According to the recollections of witnesses, some shots were heard inside till the beginning of August.

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