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eSports video. Best of the week

Friends !

We begin the cycle videodaydzhestov, which will feature the best videos of the week, directly or indirectly related to eSports.

You may have noticed that the well-known professional players alive and help others with an interest in tactical training. TheAnatolich and Arclit already dismantled all 10 cards new command mode, and showed how to play them. Decided to keep up with them and Dmitry Frishman aka SL1DE consultant popular program “Science of Victory” [1,999,010]. Leader in the damage done to the Wargaming.net League argues in its category «Daily Driven» as in random battles he has few peers.

Team Captain Arcade.NSH Aziz Habibullin aka Angel_Killer shows an example of the shutter setting excellent game in its new program “Band of Brothers . “

still remember Clash Series: Second Chance . Way NSS Team to victory in five of the best moments of the tournament.

Sensational beginners Premier Division asked to support the team in the coming season, joining them group “VKontakte” .

In addition to content from professional players, we suggest to familiarize with about Business Overview best tanks for team fights in the opinion of the blogger AnTiNooB .

B the future you will find an even greater number of transmissions from the leading competitive players. See you next week!

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