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eSports video of the week. Issue number 13


Here compilation of essential videos that we have prepared our favorite kibersportsmeny lately.

First and foremost – the official trailer for the upcoming Grand Final , which will be held in Warsaw on April 25-26. Growing tension in anticipation of a great battle against the backdrop of the outskirts of the Polish capital. Look!

Cologne solemn draw Grand Final which determined the composition of the group stage for the first game of the tournament. Special guest speaker Alexei Kuznetsov, head of the eSport-divisions of the company Wargaming in the CIS, or simply chief of staff.

Member of the Grand Final Dmitry Frishman aka SL1DE helps his team NA`VI to prepare for the tournament and manages to shoot new episodes transmission «Daily Driven». In the tenth series champion goes to T-62A on “Erlenbergu” and talks about the secrets of his game.

Another member of the Main Event, Alex NOGIN aka Arclit released the thirteenth series of transmission “Mission Impossible”, in which he takes part in team battles with unusual compositions technology. In this issue – “paper” PT-ACS.

Aziz Habibullin aka Angel_Killer from the Arcade back to the seventh release program “Band of Brothers.” Skill coordinated shutter setting game in front of you!

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