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eSports video of the week. Issue number 9

Hello friends!

Here is the ninth edition of the best videos of the week and facts.

The fifth stage of Wargaming.net League, the best moments which you can watch right now. Artillery and TapchaN in the first place!

More about past games you can learn from report on the fifth week .

Arclit from the Schoolbus released the eighth edition of the “Mission: Impossible.” In this series – Soviet heavy tanks. Enjoy!

Recall that Arclit and TheAnatolich assorted tactics all the maps updated command mode. We advise to read!

world champion Dmitry Frishman aka SL1DE from the Na`Vi continues to collect victories in the Gold Series, giving time and its videorubrike. In the eighth edition of transmission «Daily Driven» he teaches to play on the map “Pass “.

Do you know

One in WePlay no man

Despite the disastrous performance of the team WePlay this season, one of its players still stands out for the better. Alex Yarmakovsky aka h8 continues to maintain a high standard and shows the results worthy of fourth place on combat effectiveness Hall of Fame .

Near_You meets

On website leaders this season, the team HellRaisers an opportunity to ask a question Alexei Kuchkina aka Near_You . Hurry!

Disappointment NSS Team

After a good start the team debutant NSS began to take position. Recent meetings with the leaders of the standings sent them to the second place to sixth.

The new show from Na`Vi

Team Natus Vincere not only won all their matches, but also continues to delight all fans of instructional videos. This time they have launched a new show, which aims – to learn to play in random battles side by side with the world champion Maxim Mazein aka Inspirer . Participate and see !

Dmitry Palaschenko – 27!

February 24th team player Na`Vi Dmitry Palaschenko aka LeBwa celebrates birthday. The contribution of one of the most positive professional players in the development of e-sports is huge tank. In his example, learn and win. He’s one of those tankers motivates beginners and helps them get better. Congratulations and achieve their objectives, as in the fields of World of Tanks, and its aisles!

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