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Know Your Way Around the Garage
2016-11-08 18:00:00 / Guides

The first screen you see after logging into World of Tanks Blitz is the Garage, which is quite informative and useful, but can be overwhelming for first time players, but to clear up some of the confusion and minimize a flood of informatoin, let’s break down some of the basics of the Garage.

Garage Overview

Premium Time: When using Premium time you’ll earn 50% extra XP and Credits in battle.

Gold: Currency used to buy Premium tanks, Premium ammo, research vehicle modules and more.
Credits: Currency used for buying tech tree tanks, ammo and consumables.
Free XP: Used on any vehicle, regardless of how or where it was earned.
Premium Shop: Here you’ll find Premium tanks and bundles available for purchase.

Menu: There’s a lot in here, including tabs for News (great for keeping up on ongoing events and Premium Shop offers), Clan and tournament information, and game settings.

Battle Missions: Depending on the tiers and tanks you play, you’ll be assigned three different missions that offer Credits or XP.
Ping: Experiencing lag in battles? Check your ping to see if you’re having connectivity issues. Green is good, yellow is okay, and red is bad. 

Crew Management: This is the spot for changing Crew skills and tracking your progress.
Battle: This should be self-evident – hit this button to head into battle!
Upgrades: When you need to research new tank modules (or an entirely new tank!), this is what you’ll use.

Bonus and Battle Mission Reset Timer: Battle missions and XP bonuses reset twice a day. This timer tells you when the next reset will happen.

Chat: If you’re in a Clan (and you should be!), here’s where you can interact with your Clanmates.

Record: Your stats as a player: total number of battles played, win percentage, accuracy, and other interesting details on your performance.

Tank-Specific Options

Camouflage: Select a camo for each map type and add a concealment bonus to your vehicles.
Consumables: Limited-use items you can activate in battle.
Provisions: Items that improve tank performance in battle automatically – no activation necessary, but require resupply after each battle.
Ammunition: Each vehicle has multiple types of ammo available to equip, but acquiring them requires Credits or Gold.
Equipment: Permanently equipped items that increase your tanks performance; no resuuply necessary.

Tech Tree: See all the tanks available to unlock and the order in which you can do so (more on this in a later guide).

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