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Hello Warriors,

I’ve been aware of this for a couple days now but I’ve been allowing the situation to develop but its time to put it on RSR (I’m pretty much quoting from the source link but did a few grammar/aesthetic changes):

World of Tanks has had a decent popularity in Korea, its age range is a little higher than other games but it definitely had a healthy population.
Wargaming Korea has been known to be pretty strict in banning players that abused missions and use cheats in game.
However this one guild called [PAPA] was infamous in the community for sharing Illegal Mods (Aimbot, Object Maphack, Reload) with each other and never getting banned. (The name meanings papa=father, meaning they are wealthy old players)
Finally, because multiple QUAKE (Another clan) members have been caught abusing rigging missions, one guy decided to visit the War Gaming Korea HQ.
He has spoken with the company and this was what they said:

Regarding the Aimbot:
The hacks have been banned as of 2015.5, and they were using it in April, we fully acknowledge that there were other players that have received permabans in April, but for the PAPA members, we do not know if they were using it with bad intent.

About the mission abuse:
We know about this, however how do we know if he was abusing with a good intention or a bad intention? If he did it with bad intention we should ban him. But he did it without knowing, how can we ban him?

They have also told the person that visited the company “Don’t come anymore, you are only wasting your time”
Now every player, even the professional players who have been playing competitively for multiple years are all using aimbot, streaming it on the Korean streaming platform to show their disgust with how WG Korea has handled it.
Now WG Korea is going on full offensive, they are permabanning every player using the illegal mods, and they even personally track down the player’s main accounts and give it permabans as well.
Giant number of players are quitting as I write this right now, are localized servers usually bad in management?
PAPA members are still abusing illegal mods as of recently, 1300 rating member’s video:

Another one, rigging.

Now, this is what I can say:

I find weird that they are strict to ban players but then don’t ban some individuals after being given proof because they are unsure if was done with evil intentions, if this is true I smell double standard and I’ve seen something like it happen before in another company, it wasn’t pretty, it spread like weeds and it never recovered from it.There is only one side of the story, maybe is a WG Korean staff thing but we don’t know if the person who visited the office did or acted in a way for WG personnel to not want him there any more, my personal experience with WG (and trust me some would like to whip my arse) always been very welcoming, specially the EU and NA offices, they have for multiples times told me that their door is open for visiting, I will creep on them eventually.Third, although the KR server is small, the amount of players who took notice of this seem to be a small fraction (Forum readers and such), checked the chart for the server and there isn’t much of a change:

This doesn’t look like a exodus.
And last, I don’t think that illegal mod users are worthy of players to take risk on losing their accounts, keep on annoying the staff with the proof you have and make as much noise as you can but don’t go down to the cheaters’ level, you are better than that.
Prohibited Mods List – KR Server

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