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– Why do I need to deal with toxic?
World of Tanks – a team game, fighting compounds which are formed by chance, so one can coexist limii both schoolchildren and people have increased. Such an arrangement itself has to knowingly conflict because of mental differences between the players, so we pay special attention service and strive to implement all of the best that helps protect the gaming system from toxic elements to any player, regardless of age and activity could feel comfortable.

– What types of violations are most common?

The three most common categories of violations in our game: lexicon (non-compliance with the rules of behavior in chat), unsportsmanlike conduct (intentional Inflicts ally, as well as the destruction of machines allies bots AFK-players and so on), the use of banned names when registering nicknames and clans, as well as their attributes. Over time, it became clear that for service at a decent level of standard tools of moderation is not enough and you want to implement their own development by analyzing the patterns of behavior of our players.

– How to solve problems with damage to allies inactive players and premature from the battle?

The first task we face, this damage and destruction of union machinery. This problem we decided to introduction of the automatic tracking system disorders. The next problem we face is the fight against premature exit from the battlefield, that is, Leaver, and inaction in action – AFK-players.

– How the system works to combat unsportsmanlike behavior?

This system allows us to automatically identify players who show unsporting behavior, and give them a warning, but relapse player receives a penalty. However, if you have recently started to play the game, the system determines that you are a beginner, and punishment will follow.

– to decide whether the problem botovodstva and contractual fights?

The question on contractual fights and bots became apparent when the beta release of the Hall of Fame, as all players were able to sort the data by abnormally high and abnormally low. We are in active work with unsportsmanlike conduct and always closely followed the reaction of the players on any changes. At that time, many players had been shown social responsibility. To us has come a mass report, which helped to solve the problem in the shortest line. For all criteria Hall of Fame has been added to the system of higher and lower thresholds, which automatically cuts off the intruders in excess of these figures.

One of the main problems faced by online projects – bots. With advances in technology, they are improving each time, and at some point, our system has become imperfect. For this we use the analytical method, which is to collect a huge number of statistics that allow us to determine the behavior of bots and algorithms to track them. The introduction of this system reduces the number of bots by 80%, so applying it to fight battles with the treaty, which reduced their numbers by 90%.

– How to solve the problem of incorrect names and nicknames?
One of the most common disorders is the use of banned words when registering nicknames and clans. This is due primarily to the large number of players – for the Republic of Uzbekistan in the region is about 25 million registered players and about a hundred thousand registered clans. Initially, all violators renamed manually by application support center. However, the mechanism has been finalized, thus significantly reducing the load of our employees. Now players are renamed automatically mask renamed user. Violators can rename your username in your account for free.

– What are now more work is being done?

At the moment we are working on improving and refining the algorithm complaints battle and in the hangar, namely the update interface complaints, improved player feedback, refinement algorithm for determining bots, liver and so on, and the introduction of automatic processing of complaints filed by the players.
Many people believe that rules are there to break them. To somehow succeed in this endless race, you need to develop not only our project, but also the tools.

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