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For now, only in Russian :) And yes, 9.5 CT will be tomorrow.



– British tank branch: first half are US LL vehicles and Sherman Firefly, second half will be British tank destroyers with FV4005 Stage II as tier 10, it has a 183mm gun (analogical to the FV215b 183)
– the difference between FV4005 and FV215b is that it has much less armor, but good mobility
– as a part to make them different, FV215b frontal turret armor was significantly increased
– Panther 88 will also be added, it resembles Panther II, but is more comfortable
– Individual missions (see video for interface), they will be activated after 15.1.
– new maps (Ghost Town for team battles, symetrical map, Mittengard)
– some maps were smoothened (hills made flatter) to make life easier for tanks with bad depression
– improved minimap (tank names, place where the tank was spotted last)

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