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KV-5 and SU-76I Buyer's Guide
2016-08-05 17:00:00 / News

We have two great Premium vehicles in the store right now, but they’re very different beasts — maybe you’re unsure of which one to buy, or which one better suits your play style? Read on!


The KV-5 is notable for its armor and two equippable guns.

Buy the KV-5 If…
You like high-tier battling and don’t mind hanging back relying on your gun’s accuracy instead of being a front line brawler.

What Players Are Saying

Just got it and all I can say is, “bouncebouncebouncebouncebounce!” – MuCeffy

I think the [complaints about] armor weak spots are a bit exaggerated. [They’re] there, but hard to hit unless you are stationary or nose-to-nose, and it’s not that hard to hide. – Rage_And_Love

Since they added the second gun, I’ve been playing it a lot. I prefer it to [the] IS-6.  – Rage_And_Love


At tier III, this Soviet tank destroyer terrorizes lower tiers while sporting “Ice Claw” Legendary camo.

Buy The SU-76I If…
You like lower-tier battling and unique camo. 

What Players Are Saying

I know I have been accused of over-hyping things before, but this is the real deal. Speed, gun, and armor. Blitz on. – alexbuildit

Absolutely great tank. No [Ke-Ni-Otsu], but damn close to it. – _1204_

I play it as a complete brawler. The only problems seem to be the Marder/76/T82. Even then, it’s tier III — hide behind something and the other TD immediately looks for a new target. Plant a big ol’ HE in its backside and carry on. – Woody36327

Amazing tank — just watch out for those HE guns. – NateDawg2k16

The 76I eats II-Js for breakfast, then Matilda’s for lunch. – Zip_Zip

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