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are pleased to announce that work on the launch of a new global maps have been completed. We invite everyone to take part in the open test an updated functional!

  • On test are three special gaming front in South America for the three levels of equipment: VI, VIII, X – Argentine, Brazil and the Pacific, respectively.
  • There is an opportunity at the same time to play the old and the new global map without any restrictions.

Testing will take place in two stages.

  • The first stage starts May 27 [1,999,017] 9:00 [1,999,015] (WCS) and last two weeks .
  • Test will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the map closely, and to us – to collect the necessary information to make those or other adjustments.
  • At the initial stage, to gather information on the different settings and balance, the size of the fronts will be limited, and the yield is lowered provinces.
  • In the first stage of testing will not be able to withdraw from the card (later this will be added).
  • During testing, there may be problems with the performance and visibility of some of the elements.
  • Gold earned on the test card will come into the treasury of the clan.
  • Upon completion of the first stage of the test will be stopped to make changes and rebalancing of fronts.
  • About the start of the second phase of testing, we will inform separately.

In order to participate in the battles on the Global Map is necessary image Effect , which can be earned by participating in the raids in the fortified 9:00 (Moscow time) on May 27 [1,999,015].

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