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[1,999,002] Tank T-72 [1,999,004]

WoT 0.9.9 supertest 1 compared with WoT

– Added two new event test mode.

– To test supertesterami tanks added:
* French medium tank 8 level Sherman M4A1 Revalorise.
* The Soviet medium tank T-4 levels 28E F-30.
* Soviet heavy tank 10 level object 777.
* German PT-ACS Level 8 Skorpion.

– Made the replacement of tanks:
* Spahpanzer 1.C as a replacement for the German light tank level 7 Aufklarerpanzer Panther.
* Mauschen as a replacement for the German heavy tank level 9 VK 45.02 P Ausf.B.

– Reworked a new visual quality of the 14 models of tanks.
– “Hardwired” vulnerabilities in certain models of damaged tanks (only 18 cars), allowing them to penetrate into the front projection of the instruments with low armor penetration.
– Improve the performance of premium tanks: STA-2, Type 62 and the premium for supertesterov tank T-44-122.

Maps and points
– Fixed bugs and made improvements to the gameplay card “Swamp” (to reduce the number of draws) and “Highway” (to enter into an active gameplay map center).
– Reworked the effects of the destruction of certain objects in the environment.

– Considerable overall optimization 3D «engine.”

– Superior render
* Added a new method of anti-aliasing – temporal aliasing (Temporal Anti-Aliasing).
* Improved lighting model (BRDF), through which the surface of the metal and matte look now more realistic.
* Reworked the rendering of shadows. Improve both productivity and the quality of the shadows. Added soft shadows.
* Added the shadows of the grass. Use a new quick method of drawing shadows grass (Screen space shadows).
* Optimized and improved post effects: bloom, god rays, lens flare. Bloom became more stable, there is no flicker when moving the camera bloom.
* Improved quality and performance is optimized HBAO (SSAO).

– Standard rendering:
* Improved quality of water and lighting.

– Fixed some “hangs” and “crashes” the game client.
– Fixed a rare case in which a weapon with a big armor penetration could not break through the thin armor of the specific configuration screens.
– Fixed a rare case in which a projectile after rebound could get inside the tank and damage the module or the crew.
– Fixed a lot of errors and defects in the functionality of the team fights.

That’s it … How do you?

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