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ЛТ в Мире Танков 0.9.3
Hello, commanders!
As part of the general test is now available special client World of Tanks version 0.9.3 test3, which is only for the game to the test server. At this stage, will continue testing game mode “fortified area.” Available for testing:

  1. Building fortified area and its pumping to level 10, inclusive.
  2. “Legionnaires” – an opportunity to invite a sortie of any size up to 5 players who are not in any Clan. You can invite them to shoot for you, as this portal http://fungam.ru/rubrika/igry-strelyalki .
  3. “The Office” – a new structure, producing reserves with random combat missions that Players can perform in random battles.

What’s new in version 0.9.3?

1 New light tanks of the USSR, Germany and the United States:

  • USA: T37 (VI level), M41 Walker Bulldog (VII level), T49 (VIII level)
  • USSR LTTB (VII level), T-54 lightweight ( VIII level)
  • Germany: Spahpanzer Ru 251 (VIII level).

2 A new system for tracking three types of unsportsmanlike conduct and deal with them: [ 1999023]
  1. premature battle;
  2. inaction in war
  3. self-destruct.

3 The update Game 9.3 to existing benefits of premium appliances will be added:

  • Extra Bonus 50% Bonus Crew. Bleed the crew and learn new skills will be much easier and faster.
  • increased coefficient of experience on the results of the fight. The lower the level of premium equipment, the higher this ratio: take into account a large number of low-level really premium technology players and not the high popularity of these tanks in battle.

General information about test upgrade 0.9.3

  1. General Test will last approximately until September 11 – stay tuned.
  2. Because of the massive influx of players on the test server is limited to the input of users. All new players who wish to participate in testing the update will be delivered in the queue and will be able to access the server as it is released.
  3. Participate in the general test may be the only players who have signed up to the World of Tanks 3 59 (UT) August 26, 2014.
  4. If the user changed the password after 3:59 (GMT) August 26, 2014, authorization to the test server will be available only with a password that was used prior to that time. [1999010 ]

To participate in the test, you must:

  • Download special installer (4.5 MB).
  • [1999009 ] Run the installer that will download and install a test version 0.9.3 client (7.49 GB). When you run the installer it will automatically prompt you to install the test client to a folder on your computer; also you will be able to specify a directory for the installation.

  • to launch the test version.

Pay attention to certain features of the test server:

    [ 1999009] Payments to the test server is not made.
  • Each player is charged at the same time 20 000 gold, 100 million of free experience, 100 million of silver.
  • From the beginning of the test is at the disposal of appliances, which at the time of the cutoff player base (August 26) was present in the hangar on the main gaming account.
  • In this test does not increase earnings experience and credits.
  • Achievements on the test server will not pass to the primary server.

Also, please be advised that during the test upgrade 0.9.3 on a test server will be carried out planned engineering works. Start time:

  • The first server – 8:00 (GMT) every day. The average duration of work – 25 minutes.
  • The second server – 9:00 (GMT) every day. The average duration of work – 25 minutes.

Changelog test version 0.9.3 test3 compared with 9.3 test2


Added new light tanks high levels:

  • USA: T37 (VI level), M41 Walker Bulldog (VII level), T49 (VIII level).
  • USSR LTTB (VII level), T-54 lightweight (VIII level).
  • Germany: Spähpanzer Ru 251 (VIII level).

* Fixed “crashes” and “freezing” of the game client in some cases.
* Fixed problems with the issuance of the medal “Pointer”.
* Fixed a bug with abnormally small damage on the talus.
* Fixed weaknesses in front of the reservation model turret IS-7.

Egegey! 9.3 soon!

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