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Lead the Charge!
2017-04-01 15:00:00 / News

With World of Tanks Blitz, we’ve never shied from doing things differently. Artillery? Who needs it. Cartoon tanks? Oh, yeah. 30-player matches? Do I look like I have an hour to kill?

Once again, we’re grabbing the reins and leading the way for World of Tanks by introducing a new vehicle class: Cavalry. Soon, horse-based combat will appear on the battlefields of Blitz.

Experience the thrill of charging into combat on the back of a terrified animal as massive tank shells fly over your heard. As fragile tankers cower behind their thick armor plating, you’ll be out there on horseback with nothing between you and absolute obliteration except the wind in your hair and a little bit of luck.

Get ready to saddle up — it’s World of Tanks Blitz Cavalry.

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