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[1,999,002] Legend in the armor: Battle in Bishkek restored T-34-85


The restoration was carried out in December 2014, the full completion was timed to the 70th anniversary of the Victory. The culmination of the project was the movement of the tank at the head of the parade on May 9 in Bishkek. [1,999,018]

[1,999,020] The machine owes its rebirth team of professional conservators of the General Staff of Kyrgyzstan, who did a great job with the support of the global initiative “We remember everything” . The symbol of the combat power of the Great Patriotic War, restored to complete the running status on the tank applied historically authentic coloring.

Who T-34-85 is located in the territory of the military unit of Bishkek. Tank will serve as historical exhibits, as well as to participate in parades and military-historical events Wargaming in Kyrgyzstan.

Watch a movie that tells about the unique work of reconstruction of the historic tank.

Restoration of T-34-85 – not the first time the global initiative “We remember everything” to restore historical military equipment. Behind the team of volunteers and Wargaming – restoration of the tank T-34-76 on the “Stalin Line” raised from the bottom of the river Don KV-1 , as well as the release of a film about the restoration of self-propelled СУ-100.

«Помним all » – a global initiative organized by Wargaming in late 2013 and aimed at promoting military-historical museums around the world in the preservation and restoration of the legendary models of military equipment. The program aims to revive interest in the history, to inspire young people to study the past of their countries and to preserve for future generations the unique historical monuments.

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