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Legion (EU) are World Champions!
2017-11-13 09:00:00 / Tournaments

How were the Blitz Twister Cup Finals? Simply awesome! With the four best teams in the world fighting for the Championship, it couldn’t be described any other way. Watch the stream recording to see everything with your own eyes!

[LGN] Legion are World Champions!

The title of the strongest team of 2017 and a $15,000 reward goes to [LGN] Legion. Congratulations! Wear this title with pride!

Martin Mortensen (Bini_LGN) Benjamin Matthews (Blast_LGN) Sten Niezen (Diesel_LGN) Jan Serafin (Engy_LGN) Luca Munteanu-Gurgu (GangDalf_LGN) Oisin O’ Brien (Oxbow_LGN) Tomas Becher (Dictator_LGN)

The final brackets and the distribution of teams according to their places and rewards 

Check out the photos from PRIME HALL, to see even more highlights!

World of Tanks Blitz tournaments are open to everyone. The only thing you need is a good clan of reliable fellow tankers. New tournaments and challenges are waiting ahead — gather your team and come into the spotlight!

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