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Thanks to Adam C. for the video (guys, when contacting me, leave some nicknames!)

Hello everyone,

basically, it’s some Spanish TV show or whatever, not too interesting. What IS interesting however is the end of the video, where (starting from cca 9:00), you can see the Spanish modification of the Leopard 2 (Leopard 2E) driving around. Leopard 2E’s full name is Leopard 2A6E (E as in “España”, Spain). It was produced between 2003 and 2008 with 219 built. It’s a significant upgrade over Spain’s previous 2A4 and M60 battle tanks, carrying a 120mm Rheinmetall L/55 smoothbore, 1500hp MTU powerplant and new type of composite armor, capable of reaching 68 km/h. It’s expected to stay in Spanish service until 2025 along with the older Leopard version, as current financial situation of Spain does not allow for notoriously expensive armor upgrade programs.


And no, you won’t see it in WoT :) Armored Warfare on the other hand….

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