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Hello everyone,

remember the “Let’s Battle” web magazine, that we had on EU server? Last issue came about a year ago and after that, it was thought discontinued (let’s face it, it was not exactly the best thing WG ever produced), but now, a new issue appeared… in Russian. Given the content, it’s specifically a Russian edition and it’s unlikely there will be a translated version.


– Mad Jack Churchill’s story (a guy using a longbow in WW2)
– “intrigues” – the fight for contracts in German tank industry
– the future of Strongholds with their developer
– Olga Sergeevna photosession

and some other crap. It’s still in mobile-only format (ohgodwhy) tho. From the stronghold article (courtesy of maiorboltach), some statistics:

– on RU server, there are 100+ thousand strongholds with 300+ thousand buildings
– the most popular building is “finance department” (SS: how is it in English? Not sure)
– it took a year to develop the mode
– the game mode is bassed on a board game for 3-6 players with dices
– at first, it was planned to give strongholds only to the largest clans
– there were several variants of the visualisation and UI considered

I haven’t seen the magazine myself (apparently it’s not possible to install it on PC), but if you know how to do that or are running a mobile device, you can get it via GooglePlay, App Store or Amazon.

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