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So it’s now a week since the blog officially started.
There is a lot of work involved, I always respected SilentStalker for all he has done for the community but now that I’m trying to fill his shoes only can say that it has made me respect him even more. My salute to him!
I knew about the risks I was taking by accepting the baton but decided to go ahead mainly for you all, the community, you have been so overwhelmingly positive towards this decision, wasn’t expecting so many support, I’m still fresh (and enjoying it a lot) and can assure I’m doing my best to keep you up to date with everything.
I’ve been receiving many questions and advises and I’m trying to answer to most but been hard as messages are flooding in from all my other pages, that is why I’m creating this post, your opinion and support matters to me.
For example, been noticing many of you been asking if there will be historical articles like on FTR. Yes, there will be.
And many people were telling that they wanted to support but my Patreon page wasn’t launched, fixed that too, will also post a monthly thank you with everyone nicknames.

Let’s chat…

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