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Friends, vseponimayuschy fighter spazm_mozga wrote a letter to the company CVG LJ letter as follows. Read, think, analyze deluxe-gmslots.com
Письмо в султанат
Dear Uncle Sergei and Misha! In the first lines of the letter I hasten to remind you I still love you as a family mom and dad! I hope you’ve already decided among themselves which one of you whom I have to? And then I flatly refuse to accept Western values ​​in their entirety, and if someone with a misguided attitude I’m still humbled, here call you ‘parent №1 “and” parent “2” I do not agree!
Now, when I witnessed his warm feelings for you and the entire team of developers from kwg (and they like it or not, also some relatives), let go to work. More precisely, to a discussion of the very game that junction, and all of us in the close-knit family of cancers, deer, stotizdov and so on. I will begin, as usual, from afar …

Once I heard about the introduction of new game LT8. Looked special editions of vododelov, read comments from representatives of the bloody potatoes and realized – I want! No, rather, even so – I WANT !!!!!

Of course, I immediately rushed to pump RU-251! It’s such a nyasha, hand already reaching for his fly! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-aa-ah!

But after a couple of days skiing on the “Kick-panther”, which at that time was already pumped me, my enthusiasm kuda then evaporated. Is it because of this misunderstanding seventh level? No, my relatives. Simply just a couple of days away by RT I suddenly realized that they are not needed in this game, from the word all. RT want in a situation where only one out of ten battle you play a more or less large and open map, and all the rest of the ride on absurd trenches and butt with CT and PT? No, nafig-nafig …

Do you think I’m paying about LT? Yes, in a coffin I saw them. I cry over the cards that the farther, the closer to the APC, yeah. But even that is not the point.

You know, what’s the problem – I have a very frightening situation when we see one project simultaneous realization of two conflicting ideas. In particular, it is conceptual, untouchable idea of ​​APC as the quintessence of the future vitality of the project for a long time, and contrary to the emergence of the idea of ​​tanks (which you would not believe, is also an important part of the game about tanks, yes), such as the famous PT killing enemy one shot or one drum. In this case, all formally different – it is clear that radiation therapy is administered based on the activation of gameplay. But it turned out that the policy kartodelaniya formally designed to bring the same APC, completely crossed the whole class of tanks, which, here is a paradox, had to solve the same problem. No one seems to be nothing strange here?

But I must admit, I think. I even believe that someone thought something not so. But not when you type LT, and a little earlier, when asserted thumbnail maps … Oh well, who does not happen ….

Pro locomotives

Письмо в султанан
Dear Mom and Dad! If you so enjoy your new card and you plan to continue to publish, something like that, trench-tram, I want to offer you a new game idea!

So, a new game. You register a domain worldofbronepoesds.ru , as well as counterparts in other domains, and make epic shooter about the armored train!
Profit can be calculated now – a) you almost do not have to change the card, you can simply take the existing and to lay the rails along the ditches; b) the gameplay, which is typical, almost no change!
No, seriously – gameplay on current maps it is just consistent destruction of each other LT, CT, CT / PT and the arts. Instead, LT is the trolley. Next – a platform with sand, which are machine guns and light guns, and it poured ST. Then he locomotive and armored cars, which represent, in series, all the basic power of the current game about tanks, ie, CT, PT and PT-ACS.
As a result, I repeat, we have almost the same as now, only to quickly – Hide nowhere, maps with arrows at the railway only for press accounts! Quickly, cheerfully, with a flourish – “in pain”, “Bronyanya broken!”, “Your train was destroyed!”. A new game with a permanent BTR-ohm, based on old maps and old physics – is not brilliant, eh?!

In general, native, Regal domains, as long as it did, “tundra”!

Now let a few words about what really would have made an intelligent man who is too concerned about the sluggish gameplay.

Письмо в султанан

first . Modules tanks, or rather, their krituemost. As well as the crew. At full consensus as to what modules, unfortunately, have sometimes crit, I’m sure their strength in all tanks (stress at all) should be increased. Yes, boeukladku must sometimes crit. But not every fight, and certainly not twice per battle. More precisely, such a situation must cease to be the norm, and go into the category of an unpleasant, but still exotic. And if the players lose their fear that virtually every glare of them will end crit module and the crew, here it is, I am sure, will affect the dynamics of the game is much more than the introduction of another dull trench cards.
Separately say about harps. Yes, it kakbe significantly, historical, naturalistic – harps sometimes have to get off. But the situation is exactly when the shooting down psaltery becoming a major element of the gameplay, IMHO, that same APC, which you so concerned, is very harmful. Believe me, I do not cry – I myself really like crustacean hold the harp. And if not the crustacean and stotizda and general buzz. But the essence remains the same – it is necessary to Fix, or certainly does not fuck themselves or the players brains tales about mythical APCs.
How to Fix it? Well, the increase in strength went first item. The second will be the following – again bring down a caterpillar tank is possible only after he repaired and will be able to move. Historicity of it? Naturalistic? Noooo, of course not naturalistic. Here repairs on the battlefield in 10 seconds – this, of course, is another matter, there is realism just rolls over.

second [1,999,070]. Special equipment. Now three slots. And you need at least four. And best of all five. Benefits? Yes, it is obvious – the dynamics, review, quality shooting immediately, driving performance and trim the other. In this note, those who want to sit in the bushes, and now can sit there, putting the pipe and mesh together optics and stub. But those who prefer to stub and valve prepochtut likely to strengthen the suspension and add a review. Although it is particular.

Incidentally, one more nuance. I would suggest to calculate the cost of repair, based on the final cost of the tank, that is, including the cost of all the modules that are installed on the tank. It’s logically the same, since they are destroyed along with the tank? And if so, it is reasonable to do something like this – repair at three modules leave about the same price, and if you love to ride in comfort, the five modules is not a sin and a little pay.

third . Consumables. Yes, also increase the amount. I do not want to sacrifice petushitelem automatic, but also put doppaёk not a sin. In general, there is no need to explain – nothing but good and benefits, I do not see.

Fourth . Perks. Brilliant idea to extend the time studying each subsequent perk let it remain on the conscience of the one who suggested it. Of course, this would be a genius to burn at the stake, but oh God be with him already. I think everything is clear. Or not everything? Well, well, explain to the most slow-witted …

We all remember that the game is just three perk that is so desirable that almost mandatory: repair, camouflage, combat brotherhood. Do not forget – they only really kicks in when prokachany all crew members. Add another light bulb, which, of course, “Masthev.” Only after them comes the turn of other perks, which, among other things, by themselves are very good (the majority), and in the amount of non-acidic and does give a boost to the crew.
That is, we find ourselves in a situation where srednestatichesky igrom with the usual Online is a losing situation compared to some zadrotom. And online, citizens are doing just average players. Medium and weak. And when they go into battle with tanks that do not have even the BB, it is clearly not conducive to the overall dynamics of the game.

Fifth . The very ability to “repair” somewhat flawed, though plausible. The fact that any repairs in the field without repair kit makes the item weaker – it is logical. But, alas, is at odds with the idea of ​​an APC. Therefore, I would suggest the following:

a) Real Kit is not universal, that is, the best time to any damage, and disposable. That way we have some spherical remkomlekt vacuum is obtained, sorry. It is more logical to assume that remkoplekty consists of a set of parts, each suitable for your type of repair – dvigla, psaltery, and so on.. Accordingly, the presence of a complete repair kit allows us during the battle once to fix each module. After exiting the battlefield or spent to buy more parts (parts), or if it has been used up completely, the whole set. Accordingly, the cost of parts may be lower than the current price of a spherical Kit, whereas all of it should be more expensive – I think it is clear that the average costs of Remco is likely that such scenario even increase. But it is clear – pay for comfort and a more vigorous game and who does not want to, can save Remco as before.
b) The very ability to “repair” should have a chance to fully repair the module. Accordingly, the chance should grow depending on the number of crew members with fully prouchennym perk, you can also throw a chance for the title of “Mechanical Engineer” or how it is there.

Voooot. I am sure that if my proposal has been implemented, the game will be more dynamic. Just because it will be a little more comfortable, a little less risky (ie, become less dependent on just one error), and the combat potential of the tank will be disclosed more fully, but will make it easier not even the most skilovym players.

A kartodelov, of course, burn. Then bury the (possible with honors). And then gash card kakbe historical, which will depict the actual existing cemetery kartodelov SH. And to make this map available to players at a premium. About the same as it is sold to press accounts, well unless paid to do – wanted to ride on the graves of veterans potatoes, paid a hundred silver and drove.

I hope, my dear father and mother, you were useful guide my “how do we make APCs in tanks, no one turning blood, not having filled blisters on digging cards and without spending a extra five years and a trillion dallarov.”

If you now, reading this, mosques in their dark rooms and a painfully ask yourself – “How, how can I encourage this nameless genius, who seems to have pulled out of the potatoes e …… beds ?!”, you can just distribute my personal bonus kodikov. Yes, I’m not proud, but this opus is certainly not less useful than the whole, sorry … I dzhovohu Yutuba, published in the last six months.

How to read this letter to the CVG

Письмо в султанан
good luck to you …

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