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Long Road to Glory
2015-02-19 18:03:00 / Events

It’s a long road to the end of the line, but doesn’t it feel great when you get there? To give you an extra nudge to those sought-after high tiers, earn x3 XP on your first victories and get discounts on regular tier VIII vehicles. And as you’re hauling in these new high-tier monsters, you can save on multiple Garage slots to make sure none of them feel left out!

Start Date: Friday, February 20, 03:00 PST / 06:00 EST
End Date: Tuesday, February 24, 03:00 PST / 06:00 EST Bonuses and Discounts

Experience on the First Victory of the Day in each vehicle

15% on all American, Soviet and German tier VIII vehicles

15% Credit Discount on the tier VIII British Centurion Mk. I

Discount on Garage Slots:
750 for 5 Garage Slots (25% off)
1,260 for 10 Garage Slots (30% off)

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