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Love is strong as armor

Жозеф Котин и Анастасия Поклоннова

Heroes of our history are directly related to the tanks: they created them and experienced, strengthening the power of the Soviet troops. They have lived in a difficult time and pass many tests. Perhaps someone could not stand it, but Joseph Kotin and Anastasia Poklonnova were not one of them.

Excellent and excellent student

Long before the Great Patriotic War in the early 1930s, when there was the establishment of armored forces of the Soviet Union, the Military Technical Academy Dzerzhinsky arrived girl-student.

Nastya Poklonnova was first credited to the Department of Chemistry, but six months later, has achieved its goal – moved into the Department of mechanization and motorization. Study along with other students of the girl was not easy, but she tried her best. About the success Nasty, mastered the management of a number of combat vehicles, testified honorary badge on her tunic – “For the excellent driving tanks.”

After the transfer to the Chemistry Department at the Faculty of mechanization Anastasia Poklonnova able not only to “catch up “his other students, but also to become one of the best

Girl like a lot of future officers. But the Anastasia reciprocated only one of them – Joseph Kotin. Handsome, excellent training and combat training, a real gentleman & hellip; Young people love each other.

Military career began promisingly Kotin: graduate said he commander of the Leningrad Military District, M. Tukhachevsky. Joseph went to work in the Armoured Academy as a military engineer-constructor.

Anastasia finished his studies in two years. Beloved married, but to build a family home did not have time – service scattered them across the country. Anastasia went to the Leningrad Military Representative tank factory, and Joseph went to Kharkov to experience a new tank. In letters to his wife, he shared his impressions: “I work at the site of T-35 … The work is interesting, such tests I have not seen. You, my dear, imagine & ldquo; dreadnought & rdquo; (Battleship. – Approx. Ed.), Working on vertical obstacles. Colossal spectacle. Almost every other day I run, rest of the time on the assembly “.

Жозеф и Анастасия Котины

In 1935 Kotin wrote his wife that took time to fly and swim. Seemingly innocent phrase, but behind it lay hidden completely different. At this time, the designer is not only directed the work on air and water dropping tanks, but he took part in them. Then, in 1935, the son of Kotin first child was born – Felix.

1937 was marked for them one more joy: Joseph was appointed head of the specialized bureau of the Kirov plant – the largest engineering and tankostroitelnogo enterprises in the USSR. His task was to design new heavy tanks. Kotin gave all the work force.

However, in joy and sorrow

Autumn came 37th, and with her family Kotin trouble came. Anastasia Poklonnova-Kotin was dismissed from the army. She was charged in connection with the enemies of the people and sabotage. In the midst of the “big cleaning” in the Red Army, this accusation could have tragic consequences. Joseph Y. could not stay away from the tragedy. He was not afraid to stand up for his beloved wife before Stalin himself.

Kotin wrote: “I and comrade. Poklonnova are together since 1931, and for her I take full responsibility & hellip; Distrust of it is suspicious to me & hellip; The result of a misunderstanding or slander. I ask you, comrade. Stalin, to help in such a heavy and matters of principle “. Emotional appeal could bring the storm and most of the designer. But the risk and efforts were not in vain. With Anastasia Poklonnovoy-Kotin was acquitted of charges. The first Soviet woman-bronetankista, a military engineer of the 3rd rank, restored in the Red Army.

Life goes on. Ahead were a new addition to the family Kotin, and an ordeal for the whole country – the Great Patriotic War. Joseph Kotin oversaw the creation of tanks KV and IS-2. Detractors fueled rumors of patronage designer Marshal Voroshilov – supposedly the father of Anastasia. But history has put everything in its place. And it is not only the property of armor and fire fighting vehicles embodied in Joseph Yakovlevich. Love and reliable support in the family Kotin, also deserves to be remembered for her.

Lyricist – Yuri Bahurin


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