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loyal subjects of Her Majesty – Sherman Firefly

Update 9.5 adds to the game medium tank, whose main task in actual combat was destruction of enemy armored vehicles. With an excellent instrument for British manufacturing, Sherman “Firefly” was a formidable opponent for the Germans. In this article we will see how this renowned veteran will be able to express themselves on the battlefields of World of Tanks.

characteristic features

Cannon . Excellent 17-pound cannon with a comfortable angle of declination, high rate of fire performance, armor penetration and time information.

Penetration basic shell of 171 mm allows a high probability of hitting the enemy tanks as being in the “top” of the list, as well as high-level battles.

damage dealt per minute . Fantastic value for VI level – about 1950 units. Taking into account the value of armor penetration with due skill, “Firefly” allows you to fully realize this value.

Angles vertical lay (Dec. tools) allow you to use the terrain to cover, minimizing the possibility come under attack rivals.

Mobility not outstanding for the class of medium tanks. Independent breakthroughs and rapid flanking rounds – not for this machine. However, the mobility of the “Sherman” is enough to support the Allied equipment or classes of defensive positions.

Overview . Good indicator for its level. In the battle at the top of the list will allow the defending independently control the direction, regardless of the actions of the Allies.

Dimensions . Large size, high visibility and mobility for the best medium tank question the individual offensive action early in the fight. Stay behind allies and protect glasses strength – at the end of a fight they will be useful.

General description of the machine

Excellent medium tank support. Not the best mobility is not allowed to attack in the forefront. At the same time, taking into account other characteristics of the machine, especially a significant firepower, the most effective options to apply “Firefly” seen support allied equipment with medium / long range, the most important for fighting at the bottom of the list.

The main distinguishing feature Machine – 17-pounders.


Wonderful 17-pound cannon, capable to put about 1950 points of damage per minute – an outstanding figure for medium tanks VI level . Excellent “punch” of the British production. The gun is capable of without any problems hitting technique VI VII levels of basic shell, including a frontal projection. In the battles at higher levels have carefully vytselivat vulnerabilities. In exceptional situations come to the aid APDS – not every tank VII VIII levels boasts armor penetration of 239 mm.

tactical role on the battlefield

Sniper. Exact gun, a good one-time damage, huge DPM – all this contributes to the deposition of the colossal damage per minute. Staying at a considerable distance from the enemy, you save points of strength that will be useful in the final stages of the battle. Tank can easily occupy a key position on the map at the beginning of the battle, which is one of the key moments in the gameplay long-range machines.

Support . Lacking an impressive one-time damage, “Firefly” because of its rate of fire is able to put a huge amount of damage per minute. Large size and mediocre mobility exclude independent offensive action. Acting in concert with allied tanks, and good luck in the battle will turn to face you. Given the low one-time damage, exchange glasses strength skirmishes will not in favor of “Sherman”. Expect shots rivals and use small cooldown own guns.

Crew Skills
special 1 skill 2 skill 3 skill
commander “The Sixth Sense” “Repair” “Combat Brotherhood”
Gunner “Repair” “Slight tower” Combat Brotherhood
The driver “Repair” “King of Madness” Combat Brotherhood
Charging “Repair” “Contactless boeukladki” Combat Brotherhood
  1. Gun rammer
  2. Stabilizer vertical lay
  3. enlightened optics or Improved ventilation


Update 9.5 adds to the game very interesting machine-level VI. Great British gun in a familiar platform players tank “Sherman” – together we get a medium tank with firepower, decent PT-ACS. The tank will be comfortable fighting at all levels, regardless of their place in the list of commands. Piercing and high rate of fire makes the “Firefly” ideal tank support.

A subject of the British crown Sherman Firefly preparing to join the fight!

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