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The second issue of World of Tanks Magazine is ready for download to your mobile device! Take a look at historical events through the eyes of their members, meet with modern weapons and military technology, as well as to learn something new about World of Tanks and its mobile counterpart.

World of Tanks Magazine will provide you with interesting and exclusive articles. Install the app and read us anywhere and anytime!

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  • Japanese speakers with spilled soda and American virtuoso without combat experience. The history of the most famous air combat over the Pacific Ocean.
  • 10 facts about World of Tanks Blitz.
  • what I think of the movie “Rage” former gunner Sherman Firefly?
  • Soldier’s Life in War and military fashion “in the civilian world.”
  • According to Soviet intelligence: what is fantasized Guderian’s tanks?
  • How to create a map “Himmelsdorf?”
  • as well as guidance for the destruction of the IS-4, insidious laws “randomness” and much more.

Crew Magazine wishes you a pleasant reading!

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