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Hello everyone,

contrary to the (fake) earlier leaks, there will not be a tier 6 T-34-85M marathon (T-34-85M will apparently be sold, at least on RU server). Instead, the “marathon” tank will be the WZ-111.

The conditions of the marathon are: for every nation, in tier 6+ tank, cause 150k damage and kill 150 enemy vehicles. No XP, top 10 or anything like that required. So, in total, you have to destroy 1050 enemies and cause over a million damage points. With my average 1,13 kills per battle… that’s a lot of battles :)

The time limit is from 15.12. to 19.1.

A little background – tier 8 WZ-111 was the first Chinese tank to be introduced to World of Tanks. That was a very, very long time ago, like two and a half years back or so. It was until now a Chinese server-exclusive vehicle. You can read about its real life history a bit here. For a week or so, it was speculated on RU server that this would be the Russian marathon tank (as Evilly stated it would be something that only appeared on Chinese server for now and WZ-111 was the only vehicle fitting that description without other issues).

Oh well, I would have perhaps preferred something… lowtier, but easier to obtain. Like that T-34-85M – but good luck :)

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