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Last week launched “Marathon WZ-111.” Anyone who has to cope with its terms, the Chinese will receive the premium tank VIII level. Full details of this promotion can be found in the relevant publications, and now let’s see how the tank evaluate players:


E 25. Should I take?

Not so long ago it became known that the German premium PT VII level E 25 will be withdrawn from sale. Until January 15, it is still possible to buy a premium product. On the question of whether to take this opportunity to pocket the “flea”, while there is an opportunity to meet the guys from Aces:


New British. Rock or not?

With 9.5 update in the game, a new branch of the British Tank Destroyers. The greatest attention is traditionally paid to high-level machines. Presents the self-propelled guns IX and X levels:

Tips for beginners streamer

There was a modification of the official WG Stream , which allows you to organize itself as a and watching other people live broadcast on World of Tanks in the game client. Community Aces divided key tips for beginners streamers in the material “What is to be a streamer?” .

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