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Poster for modeling is different. You can collect layouts art of paper or plastic, from blanks or from scratch. You can build a simple model for a couple of days, and can be for many months to dive into the creation of an absolutely exact copy of tanks, aircraft or ship. In any case Modelling – is informative and interesting hobby.

Many people think that “sticking tanchikov” – too difficult to do. But if you approach the issue consistently and start with simple models, the case will go much better. And we will help you with this!

The story of the assembly simple model of the T-34-76 opens a series of master classes for beginners. Step by step, with illustrations and explanations we show you how to get from the set pieces of the famous Soviet tank model in 1:35 scale, and in a very interesting option.

We will be glad to see you on the forum, in the “Modeling” . Here you’ll find a lot of useful materials and always get good advice from people in the creation of sophisticated models of equipment. In addition, in the contest for “Best Model of the Month”, which is awarded to winners of numerous gaming gold and diplomas, and the winner gets one on top of the premium cars in World of Tanks.

Welcome to the exciting world of modeling bench!

Master-class assembly model medium tank T-34-76 .

Rules of the contest “Best Model of the Month” .

The results of the November competition models .

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