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[1,999,006] Tankers!

[1,999,006] We continue a series of articles on the establishment of large-scale known models of armored vehicles. We hope that the article will be useful for both beginners and more experienced modelers. Recall that we have already mentioned the creation of models T-34/76 , M18 Hellcat and Tiger I .

[1,999,006] Now we will talk about construction a model of the legendary PT-ACS and try to describe in detail the process of assembly, finishing and painting. Particular attention will be paid to detail and the simulation of winter camouflage.

We are glad to see you on the forum, in the “Models” . In it, you can show the results of his work and get good advice from people, discerning in scale modeling.

In addition, the section runs permanent competition “Best Model of the Month”, numerous winners of which are awarded with diplomas and gold game, and Winners receive a premium on top of the machine World of Tanks.

Welcome to the exciting world of modeling bench!

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