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We present our new game modification called “Tanks for pumping” . Modification designed player Torsus_SD with the support of Wargaming and is a contemporary look at the “top” of the machine from World of Tanks. “Tanks Ride” – a graphical mod that adds to the image of the existing equipment in the game elements of modern armored vehicles: no effect on geympley.poyavlyayutsya containers active protection, remote-controlled machine-gun, complexes laser illumination purposes, and so on. N. A modification affects only the aesthetic side and did

Maude “modernizes” ten tanks X Level: IS-7, T-62A, E 100, E 50 M, T57, T110E4, Bat.-Châtillon 25 t, FV215b (183), AMX 30 B, STB-1.

Notice : on the modified tanks is not displayed camouflage.

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