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Мод XVM для Мира Танков WoT

Maud XVM 5.3.5 for “World of Tanks” 0.9.3 – Expansion of combat interface (eXtended Visualization Mod).

Mod «XVM» (olenemer 9.3 or olenemetr 0.9.3) – the most popular and sought after events in the game, which is used by about 2 x million players. Maud displays statistics of players in battle three indicators : number of fights a player winning percentage of the player and his round performance rating. Winning percentage is displayed throughout armored player or on a specific tank . Efficiency rating – a quality characteristic which determines the efficiency of the player’s actions in the battle. Download olenemer for WoT 0.9.3, working olenemetr for tanks can and should be here, he’s polzomer on September 23, 2014! And to your question “what kind of XVM official website of” answer “is the first site information support olenemer fashion!”. It all started with us! We did the mod and called it “Polzomer.” Polzomer we came up with! Anyway, that download from the official site fashion.

Differences fashion 5.x from previous versions:

Game screenshots:

  1. Unzip the archive into the game folder, for example E: Games World_of_Tanks files are copied to the res_mods 0.9.3 and res_mods xvm . Attention, fashion is strongly recommended that you install after installing the other mods on top, with the replacement of files!
    Attention, the new format of the config (now loaded from the config res_mods xvm configs xvm.xc)
  2. The module “Map” is activated by holding a button «Caps Lock»
  3. Module “show HP enemies” included holding down «Alt»
  4. To start the game you need to run the file WorldOfTanks.exe from the root folder of the game or through the standard launcher.
  5. note that for the use of statistics in fashion XVM necessary activate opportunity its display. This operation should be carried out on a specially created website, every 14 days. If you do not activate (switch display) statistics, in the game you will not see. Other possibilities fashion work. Read more – gosu-wot.com/093-aktivirovat-olenemer/ .

Want okolomodovogo communication. How to do it?

Support forum fashion XVM

forum where you can ask any question about fashion, you can on this page . We do not guarantee that you will get the answer to your question.

List versions of the mod:

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