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[1,999,002] Мод XVM для Мира Танков WoT [1,999,004]

Maud XVM 6.1.3.dev for “World of Tanks” 0.9.9 – expansion of the combat interface (eXtended Visualization Mod).

Mod «XVM» (olenemer olenemetr 9.9 or 0.9.9) – the most popular and sought after events in the game, which is used by nearly four million players worldwide! Maud displays the statistics of players in the battle three indicators : the number of players fighting, winning percentage the player and his four efficiency rating. Percentage of wins is displayed across the armor of a particular player or tank . Efficiency rating – a quality feature that determines the efficiency of the player’s actions in combat. You can download olenemer for WoT 0.9.9 directly working olenemetr for tanks can and should be here, he’s polzomer on July 14, 2015! And to your question, “What is the official website of XVM” answer: “This is the first website of information support olenemer fashion!”. It all started with us! We have done events and called it “Polzomer.” Polzomer we came up with! Anyway, that download from the official site fashion.

Fashion Features XVM 6+:

  • MOD is compatible with LBZ (“Personal Combat Operations”).
  • Maud minimap markers on the tanks (OverTargetMarkers), modified strip capture database, log the damage done (HitLog), replacing “bulb» World of Tanks (Skill “sixth sense”), customizable panel of players, the table statistics, and the loading screen, icons clans and players – have become even clearer and more easily customizable.
  • The module “Map” is activated by holding the button «Caps Lock».
  • Module “display HP enemies” include holding down «Alt».
  • At the moment, you have to enable and configure the statistics gosu-wot.com/xvm-activate pereaktivirovat and services XVM (use the “Activate Services”, “Update Statistics” and “Settings” in the personal office on Online www.modxvm.com).
  • The new built xvm_quests modes for individual missions. Currently implemented new filters and save filter settings.
  • Changed calculation chance to win – the result is used to calculate the standard normal distribution.
  • Icons top clan is now taken from the XVM Server and tops the list is updated daily, more on the website igrygame.org .

Game screenshots:

Game screenshots made of replay derived from open source wotreplays.ru hundred years ago, but are still relevant
Мод XVM для Мира Танков - расширение боевого интерфейса (eXtended Visualization Mod)

Мод XVM для Мира Танков - расширение боевого интерфейса (eXtended Visualization Mod)

Мод XVM для Мира Танков - расширение боевого интерфейса (eXtended Visualization Mod)

Мод XVM для Мира Танков - расширение боевого интерфейса (eXtended Visualization Mod)

How to download? How to start?

Links to download, install fashion XVM 6.1.3 and launch “World of Tanks”

  1. Download mod «XVM» to the “World of Tanks” 0.9.9 configuration sergeant Bolzena – cheteryhznachny efficiency rating (online modxvm.com in the top corner in the “Settings”, select rating EFF):

    XVM 6.1.3.dev.Bolsen on 14/07/2015: statistics and flying off the damage MMO game “World of Tanks” version WoT 0.9.9:

    Download : gosu-wot.com hitfile.net turbobit.net
  2. Unzip the archive into the game folder, to let E: Games World_of_Tanks , files are copied in three folders: res_mods.9.9 res_mods configs and res_mods mods . Attention, fashion is strongly recommended that you install after the installation of the rest of the mods, top, replacing the files.
    In some cases, you need to clear the contents of the folder res_mods , and then set the modes.
  3. The module “Map” is activated by holding the button «Caps Lock»
  4. Module “display HP enemies” include holding down «Alt»
  5. To start the game you will need to run the file WorldOfTanks.exe from the root of the game or through the standard launcher.
  6. Please note that the use of statistics in the fashion XVM necessary enable possibility of its display. This operation should be carried out on a specially created website, every 14 days. If you do not activate (turn on display) statistics, in the game you will not see it. Other features fashion work. Details – gosu-wot.com/xvm-activate . It is also necessary pereaktivirovat services XVM (use the “Activate Services”, “Update Statistics” and “Settings” in the personal office on site www.modxvm.com)


Okolomodovoe communication and fashion forum support XVM

forum where you can ask any question about fashion, you can on this page . We do not guarantee that you will get the answer to your question.


Mod «XVM» is a proprietary authors sirmax2 and iBat based mods OTM, Olenemer and Polzomer. People who work or have worked on this mod and preduduschimi modes: Bolsen gosu-wot.com , Edrard wot-news.com iBat bulychev.net , sirmax2 [1,999,010] and others.
Administration of the project “World of Tanks” does not prohibit the use of third-party modifications, but does not recommend their use. Unofficial modifications can disrupt the customer, which can lead to serious consequences gameplay the player.
Dear creators of the blogs and fan sites! If you decide to publish information on fashion «XVM» on your site – please kindly indicate the authorship of fashion sirmax2, iBat Formula efficiency http://wot-news.com, support fashion http : //gosu-wot.com, with active link to one of the sites http://gosu-wot.com http://wot-news.com http://bulychev.net/blog. Thank you for your understanding!

your why-don’t-rabotalki, Wishlist, uluchshalki and proposals drawn up on the support forum mod.
The best instruments for color processing (color schemes), as applied to fashion «XVM»: gosu-wot.com/xvm-color [1,999,082]

Do not use this mod for interpersonal Pipko-merstva!
| UPD on 07.14.2015: Maud XVM updated to version 6.1.3.dev for WoT 0.9.9

(c) Original top photo by Bron Pancerna [1,999,049]
Once the events XVM not called: and nubometr and nubomer WoT, and olenemetr olenemer WoT, and polzometr polzomer, olenemetr and olenemer, statomer and statometr. There will be everything, and all this is – mod XVM MMO game “World of Tanks”.
new mod for World of tanks, addon polzomer, polzomer mod, mod polzamer download mod olenemer xvm – all there! Mod «XVM» for the «World Tanks” – extension of combat interface (eXtended Visualization Mod) 0.9.9 [1,999,171]

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