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May 1945. Battle for Olomouc

«May 1945″ – a series of stories from the Wargaming, dated May 9. Chairman of military history club Gardekorps-Praha Pavel Kmoh veteran of the 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps Vaclav Prshibyl explain why residents of Olomouc could join the Czech national uprising, and why in this sector is extremely important was the intervention of Soviet troops. Ivan Milentevich Shinkarenko, former signalman, double holder of the Order of the Red Star and the Lion Samsonovich Antseliovich, a former infantryman, thrice holder of the Order of the Red Star, also took part in the capture of the city and share their memories of the offensive.


From 6 to 8 May 1945 troops of the 4th Ukrainian Front waged a fierce battle for the Czech city of Olomouc. An important railway junction city was of strategic importance for the group of German troops in Czechoslovakia, so in his district were concentrated 14 divisions of the Wehrmacht. The battle for the city began at the north-eastern edge, here is the first in the city broke the division of the 60th Army of the 4th Ukrainian Front and later the 11th Infantry Corps of the 1st Guards Army. For the liberation of the city in accordance with the orders of the Supreme Commander of 8 May 1945 in Moscow he was given a salute of 124 guns twelve artillery salvoes and troops – gratitude.


[1,999,016] In tomorrow’s story «May 1945 “- mines and the ruins of Dresden, the operation of Soviet troops to rescue the historical and artistic heritage.

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