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«May 1945″ – a series of stories by Wargaming. Seven days of the war between the fall of Berlin and the liberation of Prague.
May 5, 1945 during the Berlin operation forces of the 2nd Byelorussian Front and the Baltic Fleet was liberated Polish city of Swinemünde. Member attack on Swinemünde, Officer of the Order of Glory III degree Bronislaw V. Karpenko said he was killed the commander of his group, and the director of the Museum of coastal defense Peter Pyvovarchyk disclose on whose orders the 15-year-old Hitler Youth soldiers fired at Soviet tanks from the Panzerfaust. Marek Mamitsa artist museum complex, divided the history of fleeing German soldiers from Fort angel – he knows it firsthand since half a century later escaped the soldiers returned to their former place of service.

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