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May 1945. The treasures of Dresden

” in May 1945 the first “- a series of stories from the Wargaming, dated May 9. Barbaric destruction of the city, distrust of local residents and children who nursed soldiers kitchen – so Dresden was May 8, 1945 in the memoirs of Maria Mikhailovna Rokhlina, Commander of the Order of the Patriotic War I level. Ivan Shlyaev, a former artilleryman, holder of the Order of the Red Banner, describes the search for artifacts from the Dresden Art Gallery, and art-gallery owner Eugene Urich and historical consultant Alexander Arishki indicate the place where was hidden part of the priceless paintings – including the tunnel, where it was found ” Sistine Madonna “. Shelike Wolfgang, chairman of Deutsch-Russisches Kulturinstitut, talks about the Garrison cemetery of fallen soldiers of the Soviet Army – one of the central characters of memory of the Great Victory in the city of Dresden.


May 8, 1945 troops of the 1st Ukrainian Front during the Prague operation occupied the German city of Dresden. In February 1945, the city was bombed by the RAF, the center was completely destroyed. The command of the city anticipated this development, and more, from 24 January 1945, all museums were closed for a visit: their precious funds taken out and hid outside the city, and the buildings themselves are mined. In May 1945, Soviet troops saved the treasures of world culture: sappers risking their lives, found and extracted from mines nearby quarries and other hiding places hundreds of works of art. In the mastery of the city according to the order of the Supreme Commander of 8 May 1945 in Moscow he was given a salute of 20 artillery salvoes from 224 guns.



[1,999,014] In tomorrow’s story «May 1945 “- the last days of the Prague uprising.

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