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Hello everyone,

check out what happened in Brazil recently.

The 79 year old farmer Lusardo Ottaran was returning to his property trough a non-paved road, that connects the BR-290 highway to the “Campo de Instrução Barão de São Borja” (a Brazilian Army tank instruction camp), located in Rosário do Sul, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, when he found a column of Leopard tanks. He was instructed by the column recon officer (who was there to ensure people’s safety, making them move away from column’s path) to move his Chevrolet S-10 pickup to the side, so the tanks could pass, which he did. The first 2 tanks of the column passed without any problems, but the third one couldn’t maneuver fast enough due to the slippery mud, and ran over the pickup. The driver was able to jump to the right seat moments before being crushed, but he suffered injuries to one leg and to the fingers of both hands.

The driver of the tank helped rescue the farmer, who was taken to the city hospital. He passed trough a surgery to reconstruct his fingers and another one to reconstruct his leg. The tanks where supposed to be carried on trucks, but due to the conditions on the road, the military decided to drive them trough the muddy area, since the trucks would just get bogged in the mud.

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