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Source: http://bonusweb.idnes.cz/wargaming-world-of-warplanes-kauza-zamestnanec-warthunder-pot-/

Hello everyone,

this is interesting, it looks like the affair with Wargaming paying its employees to sabotage Gaijin forums (aka Dietolog affair) made it to Czech mainstream media. Bonusweb is a part of the Idnes portal, which is one of the most visited Czech news servers.

And no, before you ask, wasn’t me who told them. I am currently ultrabusy with my own matters.

Funnily enough though, they do mention FTR in connection with it, so I guess it was one of my Czech readers, who made the call. They got one thing wrong though – Ellendway (former Czech community manager) no longer works at Wargaming. The article ends with a statement that they actually asked Wargaming for their opinion, which will be added later on.

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