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Hello warriors,

check this out. This is a “replica” of a “German halftrack” that was made by someone in Volgograd lately, likely for some sort of re-enactment. Usually, German “halftracks” are created by taking post-war halftracks of American or (for more realistic option) Czechoslovak production (Czechoslovakia used the halftracks as standard troop transports for quite some time) and marking them with German colors, but this (especially the halftrack suspension) looks like it was made from scratch. Notice the somewhat strange tracked parts with rubber-banded roadwheels.

And while we are at it, check this out. This is an “airsoft Abrams” from Russia, made for airsoft battles (in this case, the “Battle for Manhattan”). It’s built on a MT-LB chassis and actually equipped with rudimentary thermal sights not to run “masked” airsofters over. We might have a look at this particular “tank” later on in a separate article.

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