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Hello everyone,

let’s start this week with something funny. Today is the “Day of the Defender of Fatherland” in Russia and to commemorate the holiday, Wargaming posted some nice propaganda pictures on their portal – let’s have a look at them (for bonus points – try to spot Stalin).

“Glory to the army, born in October” (which is a bit odd, because the October Revolution happened in November)

“Red Army – loyal guard of the land of the soviets”

Above: “Long live the Red army, vigiland watchman of the Soviet borders”. The inscription on the building reads “strengthen the defense of the USSR” – and the crossed list of names are dead enemies of the Soviets.

“Long live the Red army, the bastion of politics of peace of the Soviet homeland and the loyal guard of the USSR borders”

“Red Army – pride of the nation!”

“Long live the Soviet pilots, proud falcons of our homeland!”

“Standing in the line are Soviet tankers, sons of their great motherland!”

“Long live the invincible Red Army and the powerful military sea fleet of the USSR!”

“Death to German occupiers”

“More metal – more guns!”

“Women of the Soviet Union – strenghten the defensive power of the USSR!”

“We will crush the enemy with an avalanche of steel”

“Everything for the front – everything for the victory!” – and below: “Farmers, give your savings for the building of planes and tanks!”

“Battle menu for the enemy for every day” (these represent dishes, not sure how to translate the food names)

“Give us more tanks, anti-tank rifles and AT-guns, planes, cannons, mortars, shells, machineguns, rifles!” and “Everything for the front, everything for the victory!”

“Happy holidays from our street”

“The nation and the army are invincible!”

“We meet the enemy simply – service record of the Soviet army:” (right to left: 1918 – German Army, …. 1920 – Pilsudsky, 1922 – the Japanese, 1929 – White-Chinese generals, 1938-1939 – Japanes at Khasan and Khalkin Gol, 1940 – White Finnish, 1941-1945 – Hitler, Mussolini, Antonescu, Horthy, Mannerheim, Kwantung army” (that’s weird, as the Finnish kicked Soviet ass)

“They continue to justify the faith of their nation!”

“Highest vigilance!”

“Everyone in their own way improves the strength of the motherland!”

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